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Laus omnibus sanctis eius (…)

The Lamego fragment and the Leon Antiphoner are the only Old Hispanic manuscripts containing this chant. It can be read in the Antiphoner on fol. 143v ( http://bvpb.mcu.es/es/catalogo_imagenes/grupo.cmd?posicion=292&path=26408&forma=&presentacion=pagina ). See RANDEL, Don M., An Index of the Mozarabic Chant, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1973, p. 328.
Laus omnibus sanctis eius (…)

The Leon Antiphoner has two neumings for the beginning of the melisma on 'LAus'. First, there is the original neuming written above the syllable, then, there is a second neuming added on the left side of the chant. The latter neumes do not show any peculiarity that would allow to identify the scribe who wrote them; in fact, these neumes could have been written either by the same scribe who wrote the notation on the rest of the page or by someone else.

The Lamego fragment has the same neumes as those found near the beginning of the chant in the Antiphoner. lt seems possible to speculate that the second neuming in the Leon Antiphoner represented a correction to the original one.

Moreover, the melisma on 'LAus' in Lamego starts on line 12 and it continues on the left border of the page. Here, there are actually two melismas running from the bottom to the top of the folio and the melisma from chant h00004b is the one to the right. Apart from some slight differences, the melisma in Lamego matches the one in the Leon Antiphoner.

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