What's new

In June 2019 we have upgraded the PEM database and included the following new features:

  • Responsive web design based on Bootstrap toolkit makes PEM mobile friendly.
  • Fast searchable jump menus above the content title enable to jump instantly to any other content of the same type. This menu also provides a searchable quick dropdown list to find any text string in the selected source.
  • Autocomplete search form enables a quick jump to any content. Type a few letters in the "Search" top right and wait a second for dropdown suggestions.
  • Zoomable IIIF images are displayed in OpenSeadragon, an open-source Javascript viewer enabling smooth deep zoom. While original images are stored in the Drupal system, the external IIPImage server (hosted on DigitalOcean.com) generates tiled digital images (we use Pyramid TIFFs) which are rendered in the OpenSeadragon zoomable view. Each first load of an image takes more time while Pyramid TIFF and IIIF is being generated, each next load is faster.
  • Musical items details (full text, feast, etc.) appear directly in the image view after click on ▼ icon in the right block.
  • Better connection with the Cantus Index network is built. In each chant with Cantus ID filled in it is possible to display concordances from other databases with one click.
  • Source pages provide tabs for quick switching between "Source description" and "Musical items".