Missae et Cantica PD 1161 (olim 2271 [Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro]

P-Cmn 1161
PD 1161 (olim 2271 [Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro]
Source type: 
Document type: 
16th century
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
001v- Asperges me antiphon; 002r- Vidi aquam antiphon; 003v- Kyrie compositions; 012v- Gloria compositions; 021r Credo compositions; 040r- Sanctus compositions; 048v- Agnus dei compositions; ff. 052v- Readings from the Prophets (without music) ; 069v- Te deum; 073r- Te decet laus; 073v- Office antiphons for Our Lady
75 folios with arabic numbering in the bottom, some numbers can not be read because of the margins cuts.
Page layout: 
1 col. 6 rl / 6 wl — ]c.50<330-344>66-67 x c. 40<c.510>c.70 [fol. 2]; 1 col. 6 rl / 6 wl — ]c.50<347>64-68 x c.45<c.510>c.65 [fol. 34]
Condition of document: 
Good, some folios margins are cut. There are some water stains but these do not damage music or text.
Leather over boards
Inicials in red, black or blue with filigree designs in red or blue. Folios 001v, 003v; 012v; 021r; 040r; 048v; 053v with illuminations.

This manuscript is actually at the Paço dos Duques de Bragança in Guimarães. Most folios have erasures and corrections in the melody and text replacement . Some staves show erasures in the melody but no corresponding update, the text remaining alone.


MAGALHÃES, Eduardo; "Os livros de Cantochão dos séculos XVI e XVII do Museu de Alberto Sampaio" (Tese de mestrado, Coimbra, Faculdade de Letras, 2001). FERREIRA, Manuel Pedro (coord.), Harmonias do céu e da terra: A música nos manuscritos de Guimarães (séculos XII-XVII) / Harmonies of Heaven and Earth: The music in the manuscripts of Guimarães (12th-17th centuries), Lisboa: CESEM, 2012, pp. 32-33.

Name of the source: 
Missae et Cantica