P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 002

P-Cug MM 002
MM 002
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11 Masses, 1 Mass section (Credo)
ii + 205 + ii fols. At least eight folios missing. Last original folio (f. 203) rediscovered by Rees in a box of fragments at P-Cug. Modern red ink foliation, ff. 1-25; modern pencil foliation, ff. 26-50, 50 bis, 51-183, 183 bis, 184-202; last folio not bound in with manuscript at re-binding stage. The modern number sequence does not entirely reflect internal ordering of the pieces in choirbook, particularly after f. 33. The folios from some masses may be found scattered out of sequence elsewhere in the manuscript (see descriptions of each of the items). Cf Rees, 1995, pp.136-7. [Note: ff. 22v-23r & 37v-38r are not yet included in photo gallery]
Unclear. Original order of pieces disrupted with modern re-binding; new tight binding has made identification of fascicles virtually impossible. Rees distinguishes three types of paper used (all similar), but with differing measurements for margins and staves (cf Rees 1995, pp. 136-37)
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Choirbook format. 565 x 380 mm
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Manuscript in poor state before rebinding between 1537 and 1541 when the original order of pieces was disrupted, and some folios lost. The modern number sequence does not entirely reflect the internal ordering of the pieces

3 types of paper; 2 main watermarks. Paper 2 has mark similar to Briquet #9835, and related to marks found in contemporary Netherlandish music manuscripts preserved in 'sHertogenbosch (cf Rees 1995, pp.141, 368 & 383)


Rebound c.1937-1941 using old covers similar to those re-binding P-Cug MM 3, MM 6, MM 7, MM 8, MM 9, MM 26, MM 44
Elaborate calligraphic initials for Kyries throughout book, many in red ink, others in black ink or bitonal

'Pie memorie' next to composers' names: Mouton (ff.1v & 88v) and Noel Bauldeweyn (f.158v)


This is the only known 16th-century choirbook of probable Netherlandish origin known to survive in Portugal


REES, Owen (1995), Polyphony in Portugal c. 1530 – c. 1620. Sources from the Monastery of Santa Cruz, Coimbra, New York & London / Garland, pp. 137-47, 368 & 383. C.M.M.E. Project (http://www.cmme.org/database/sources/89) D.I.A.M.M. (Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music) (http://www.diamm.ac.uk/jsp/Descriptions?op=SOURCE&sourceKey=1137)

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