P-Gmas (Guimarães) Museu de Alberto Sampaio, LC. 012

P-Gmas LC. 012
LC. 012
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The Book contains the Oficio of Maitines, Laudes and Vesperas of Propio of santoral, from the Apostles Peter and Paul until to the pope S. Clemente, inclusive. Ff. 1-17 In festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli; ff. 17v-22 Ubi sit officium s. Pauli in ecclesia propria; ff. 22-37 In festo Visitationis beate Marie virginis; ff. 37-43v In festo Triunphi sancte Crucis: ff. 43v-48v In festo s. Angeli custodis; ff. 48v-52v In festo sancte Marie Magdalene; ff. 52v-58v In festo sancti Jacobi Apostoli; ff. 58v-66 In festo sancti Petri ad vincula; ff. 66-67v In festo s. Marie ad nives; ff. 67v-74 In festo Transfigurationis domini; ff. 74-79v In festo s. Laurentii martyris; ff. 79v-97 In Assumptione Beate Marie virginis; ff. 97-101v In Decollatione s. Johannis Baptiste; ff. 102-107v In Nativitate sancte Marie virginis; ff. 107v-109 In festo Exaltationis s. Crucis; ff. 109-114v In festo dedicationis sancti Michaelis archangeli; ff. 114v-133v In festo Omnium Sanctorum; ff. 133v-138v In festo s. Martini episcopi et confessoris; ff. 139-140 In festo presentationis beate Marie virginis; ff. 140-143 In festo s. Cecilie virginis et martyris; ff. 143-(148) In festo s. Clementis pape et confessoris).
Folios are Arabic numerals from 4 folio from 2 to 147. The first folio appears numbered in Roman numerals, which can assume a previous numbering. It appears the number 2 and Arabic numerals at 4 folio, it was decided to number the 2 and 3 folios with 1a and 1b.
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149 (1 cut); 665 x 465 mm; 560 x 320mm.
Condition of document: 
Many folios already have early destruction by insects (40 ff) and others were being restored with the application of glued patches (31, 84). Some small cracks which have undergone over time were sewn line (85). Appear in some folios folios further indications in the margins (49, 74). This book is the second part of another antiphonal that does not exist in the music collection of this museum. Lack at least a final folio, the 148, that it still retains the inner upper corner which contained most of the text of the anthem of Magnificat from St. Clement party.
One illuminated page. Initial letters red, no illuminated, with the spotting scope from an agenda with text, sometimes a little less. The illuminated initial single is the first space with two spots. Initial letters of the verses drawn, roughly occupying the same space of other initials.

Marginal inscriptions on ff.. 49r and 74r (the latter refers to Saint Cajetan).


MAGALHÃES, Eduardo; "Os livros de Cantochão dos séculos XVI e XVII do Museu Alberto Sampaio", Dissertação de Mestrado, Coimbra, Facultade de Letras, 2001, pp. 155-159.

Name of the source: 
Sanctoral Antiphoner.