P-AR (Arouca) Museu Regional de Arte Sacra do Mosteiro de Arouca Res. Ms. 021

P-AR Res. Ms. 021
Res. Ms. 021
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Document type: 
c. 1200
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Ff. 1r-182v: complete cicle of the Temporal, from the 1st Sunday of Advent to the 25th Sunday after Pentecost. Ff. 183r-192r: Invitatory tones. Ff. 192r-193v: Te Deum. Ff. 193v-211r: Hymnal. Ff. 211r-213r: Ad Cantica antiphons. Ff. 213r-213v: Ferial Office for Easter time.

[1]+213+[2]. Two late arabic foliations: one from 1 up to 213, the other from 1 up to 214. Until folio 200, the latter is the correct one. From folio 201 up to the end, the correct one is the first.
Page layout: 
Fl. 22r: 28<188>50 x 17<301>73 UR: 31
Condition of document: 
Leather over boards
Initials in several colors, sometimes with simple decorations. Capitals, some of great dimensions, richly illuminated, mainly with phytomorphic motifs and rarely with zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and/or geometrical motifs. Different artists at work: some capitals were added at a second stage, with simpler design.

Paper sheet, with the notated antiphon Requiem aeternam, glued on the verse of the last folio. Serving as the two final flyleaves, there's a bifolio fragment of a book of Canonical Law (with occasional references to the Archbishop of Compostela), with marginal comments (glosae). Paper sheet, with several intonation formulas, glued on the inside of the back cover.