P-AR (Arouca) Museu Regional de Arte Sacra do Mosteiro de Arouca Res. Ms. 021

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 070v Stans autem Jesus jussit caecum adduci Dom. Quinquagesimae V2 A M 005015
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 026v Orietur diebus domini abundantia pacis et Nativitas Domini M A 1.5 004194
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 051v Ut non delinquam in lingua mea Fer. 2 Quadragesimae M A 2.1 005294
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 043r Alleluia* Dom. 1 p. Epiphaniam M A 3. 909999
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 074r Non in solo pane vivit homo Dom. 1 Quadragesimae M A 3. 003920
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 107r Libera me de sanguinibus deus deus Fer. 4 Maj. Hebd. L A p 003616
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 063r Domine in virtute* Dom. Septuagesimae M A 1. 002349
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 023r O clavis David et sceptrum domus Hebd. 4 Adventus E A M 004010
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 045r Nuptiae factae sunt in Cana Galilaeae Dom. 2 p. Epiph. L A B 003979
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 016v Consolamini consolamini popule meus dicit deus Fer. 5 Hebd. 3 Adv. S A 001896
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 037r Fluminis impetus laetificat alleluia civitatem dei Epiphania M A 1.2 002886
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 076v Sicut fuit Jonas in ventre ceti Fer. 4 Hebd. 1 Quad. V2 A M 004934
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 037r Psallite deo nostro psallite psallite regi Epiphania M A 1.3 004406
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 076v Ego non ab homine testimonium accipio Fer. 5 Hebd. 1 Quad. L A B 002577
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 005r Ne timeas Maria invenisti gratiam apud Dom. 1 Adventus V2 A M 003863
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 054v Benedicite gentes deum nostrum Fer. 4 per annum M A 1.2 001701
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 013r Alleluia* Dom. 3 Adventus T A 909999
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 006v Domine in virtute tua* Dom. 2 Adventus M A 1. 002349
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 056v Hymnum cantate nobis de canticis Sion Fer. 4 per annum V2 A 3 003151
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 025v Levate capita vestra ecce appropinquabit redemptio Vigilia Nat. Domini N A 003608
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 060v Benedictus dominus deus meus Fer. 6 per annum V2 A 2 001720
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 014r Ecce veniet dominus princeps regum terrae Fer. 3 Hebd. 3 Adv. L A p 002550
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 082r Quaerentes eum tenere timuerunt turbas quia Fer. 6 Hebd. 2 Quad. V2 A M 004428
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 034v Puer Jesus crescebat et confortabatur plenus Dom. p. Nat. Dom. V2 A R 203999
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 062v Benefac domine bonis et rectis corde Sabbato per annum S A 001735
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 052v Nos qui vivimus benedicimus domino Fer. 2 per annum V2 A 1 003960
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 022r Ecce veniet desideratus cunctis gentibus et Hebd. 4 Adventus P A 002548
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 044r Praecursor Joannes exsultat in Jordane baptizato Octava Epiphaniae L A B 004358
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 015v Annuntiate populis et dicite ecce deus Fer. 4 Hebd. 3 Adv. N A 001428
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 010r Vox clamantis in deserto parate viam Fer. 3 Hebd. 2 Adv. V2 A M 005506
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 108v Contritum est cor meum in medio Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. T A 001912
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 088r Inclinavit se Jesus scribebat in terra Sabb. Hebd. 3 Quad. L A B 003320
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 039r Adorate dominum alleluia omnes angeli ejus Epiphania M A 2.4 001289
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 012r Alleluia* Dom. 3 Adventus M A 3. 001328
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 033v Pastores loquebantur ad invicem transeamus Bethleem In tempore Nat. S A 004225
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 042r Stella ista sicut flamma coruscat et Epiphania N A 005022
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 034r Alleluia* Dom. p. Nat. Dom. L A p 909999
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 071r Cum jejunatis nolite fieri sicut hypocritae Fer. 4 Cinerum L A B 002014
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 026v Veritas de terra orta est et Nativitas Domini M A 1.6 005368
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 103v Coeperunt omnes turbae descendentium gaudentes laudare Dom. in Palmis V2 A M 001840
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 051v Sana domine animam meam quia peccavi Fer. 2 per annum M A 2.2 004696
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 093v Ego sum qui testimonium perhibeo de Sabb. Hebd. 4 Quad. V2 A M 002600
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 035v Veritas de terra* Octava Nat. Domini M A 2.1 005368
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 107r Tanto tempore vobiscum eram docens vos Fer. 4 Maj. Hebd. L A B 005111
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 023r O oriens splendor lucis aeternae et Hebd. 4 Adventus E A M 004050
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 045r Deficiente vino jussit Jesus impleri hydrias Dom. 2 p. Epiph. V2 A M 002138
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 087r Per arma justitiae virtutis dei commendemus Dom. 3 Quadragesimae N A 004261
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 034v Rubric: "Quando haec dominica post circumcisio Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 097v Rubric: "Ad tertia et sexta et Hebd. de Passione
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 024r Rubric: "Ad horas diei dicantur alleluia Vigilia Nat. Domini
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 043r Rubric: "Ad horas diei et ad Epiphania,8
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 021v Rubric: "Ad horas diei alleluia sicut Dom. 4 Adventus
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 024r Rubric: "Ad tertia capitulum et collecta Vigilia Nat. Domini
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 023v Rubric: "Si vigilia nativitatis domini die Vigilia Nat. Domini
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 033r Rubric: "Quinta et sexta die a In tempore Nat.
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 036v Rubric: "Supradictae antiphonae cottidie repetantur usque Octava Nat. Domini,8
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 044r Rubric: "Antiphonae et responsoria sicut in Octava Epiphaniae M
P-AR Res. Ms. 021 024r Rubric: "Commemoratio de dominica". Vigilia Nat. Domini
P-AR Res. Ms. 021
Res. Ms. 021
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c. 1200
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Ff. 1r-182v: complete cicle of the Temporal, from the 1st Sunday of Advent to the 25th Sunday after Pentecost. Ff. 183r-192r: Invitatory tones. Ff. 192r-193v: Te Deum. Ff. 193v-211r: Hymnal. Ff. 211r-213r: Ad Cantica antiphons. Ff. 213r-213v: Ferial Office for Easter time.

[1]+213+[2]. Two late arabic foliations: one from 1 up to 213, the other from 1 up to 214. Until folio 200, the latter is the correct one. From folio 201 up to the end, the correct one is the first.
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Fl. 22r: 28<188>50 x 17<301>73 UR: 31
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Leather over boards
Initials in several colors, sometimes with simple decorations. Capitals, some of great dimensions, richly illuminated, mainly with phytomorphic motifs and rarely with zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and/or geometrical motifs. Different artists at work: some capitals were added at a second stage, with simpler design.

Paper sheet, with the notated antiphon Requiem aeternam, glued on the verse of the last folio. Serving as the two final flyleaves, there's a bifolio fragment of a book of Canonical Law (with occasional references to the Archbishop of Compostela), with marginal comments (glosae). Paper sheet, with several intonation formulas, glued on the inside of the back cover.