E-TUY (Tuy) Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tuy Fragmento 16

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Av Benedicta* Octava Nat. Domini M V 01 007569a
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar Contines in gremio caelum terramque regentem Octava Nat. Domini M R 2.1 006333
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar Domine audivi* Octava Nat. Domini M V 01 007274a
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Bv Et intrantes domum invenerunt puerum cum Epiphania M V 01 007701a
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar Exsultabunt omnia ligna silvarum ante faciem Octava Nat. Domini M A 2.3 002811
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Br Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Epiphania M V 02 909000
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar Homo natus est in ea ipse Octava Nat. Domini M A 2.2 003130
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Av Ipse est sub quo curvantur cardines Octava Nat. Domini M V 01 007297zc
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar Ipse invocavit me Octava Nat. Domini M W 2. 008106.1
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar O magnum mysterium* Octava Nat. Domini M R 1.3 007274
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Av O regem caeli cui talia famulantur Octava Nat. Domini M R 2.2 007297
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Br Omnes de Saba venient aurum et Epiphania M R 10 007314
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Bv Reges Tharsis et insulae munera offerrent Epiphania M V 01 007314a
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Br Salutis nostrae auctorem magi venerati sunt Epiphania M V 01 007777b
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Av Sancta et immaculata* Octava Nat. Domini M R 2.3 007569
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar Speciosus forma prae filiis hominum diffusa Octava Nat. Domini M A 2.1 004989
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Bv Stella quam viderant magi in oriente Epiphania M R 11 007701
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Av V- -- cunctis undita [...] Octava Nat. Domini M Tp
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Bv Videntes stellam magi gavisi sunt [...] Epiphania M R 12 007864
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Av Virgo dei genetrix quem totus non Octava Nat. Domini M V 01 006333a
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Ar [Lapidem quem reprobaverunt aedi]ficantes hic Octava Nat. Domini M V 01 006251a.1
E-TUY Fragmento 016 Br [Tria sunt munera pretiosa] quae obtulerunt Epiphania M R 3.3 007777
E-TUY Fragmento 016
Fragmento 016
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Document type: 
c. 1400
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Contents (feasts): 
Page layout: 
Each folio: c. 300 x c. 440
Condition of document: 
Bifolio. Mutilated on outer margins. Perfuration holes revealing previous binding purposes.
Slightly decorated capitals and plain initials, all on red.

On folio Br, the inscription "Libro 2º del Dean" on left margin and the inscription "Nº 2" on the centre of the upper half.


The Aquitanian notation is of an Iberian variety. The fragments ("Fragmentos") 1, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21 and 22, held in the Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tui, belonged originally to one and the same antiphoner. The "Fragmento 12" belonged originally to the same quaternion of this "Fragmento 16"; they previously served as covers for a register book (see "Inscriptions and marks" above, where the inscriptions identify the book).

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