P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta N 038

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Genre Cantus ID
P-G N 038 Ar Timete Dominum* Omnium Sanctorum Gr g00478
P-G N 038 Ar Alleluia... Omnium Sanctorum Al
P-G N 038 Ar A(lleluia O quam gloriosum est Omnium Sanctorum Al g02253
P-G N 038 Ar Mirabilis Deus in sanctis suis* Omnium Sanctorum Of g01317
P-G N 038 Ar Justorum animae in manu (dei sunt Omnium Sanctorum Of g00481
P-G N 038 Av Beati mundo corde quo(niam) ipsi Omnium Sanctorum Cm g00482
P-G N 038 Av Justus ut palma* Lautenus ab. Maximiac. In g01355
P-G N 038 Av Os justi* Lautenus ab. Maximiac. Gr g01343
P-G N 038 Av Alleluia Justus germinabit* Lautenus ab. Maximiac. Al g01346
P-G N 038 Av ill. Lautenus ab. Maximiac.
P-G N 038 Br Justorum animae* - indeterminate - Gr g00038
P-G N 038 Br Alleluia Te Martyrum* - indeterminate - Al g01328
P-G N 038 Br Exsultabunt sancti* - indeterminate - Of g01323
P-G N 038 Br Dico autem* - indeterminate - Cm g01324
P-G N 038 Br Os justi meditabitur* Leonardi In g01349
P-G N 038 Br Justus ut palma* Leonardi Gr g01350
P-G N 038 Br Alleluia Justum deduxit* Leonardi Al g02226
P-G N 038 Br Desiderium* Leonardi Of
P-G N 038 Br Fidelis servus* Leonardi Cm g00318
P-G N 038 Br Sapientiam sanctorum* Valentinus & Hilarius mm. Viterb. In g01319
P-G N 038 Br Exsultabunt* Valentinus & Hilarius mm. Viterb. Gr g00475
P-G N 038 Br Alleluia Sancti tui Domine* Valentinus & Hilarius mm. Viterb. Al
P-G N 038 Br Exsultabunt* Valentinus & Hilarius mm. Viterb. Of g01323
P-G N 038 Br Anima nostra* Valentinus & Hilarius mm. Viterb. Cm g02147
P-G N 038 Bv Statuit ei Dominus* Florus, Episcopus Lugdunensis In g01271
P-G N 038 Bv ill. Florus, Episcopus Lugdunensis Gr
P-G N 038 Bv Alleluia Juravit* Florus, Episcopus Lugdunensis Al g01341
P-G N 038 Bv Inveni David* Florus, Episcopus Lugdunensis Of g01288
P-G N 038 Bv Beatus* Florus, Episcopus Lugdunensis Cm
P-G N 038 Bv Justus non conturbabitur* Austremonii In g02327
P-G N 038 Bv ill. Austremonii Gr
P-G N 038 Bv Alleluia... Austremonii Al
P-G N 038
N 038
Source type: 
Document type: 
13th century
Type of notation: 
The analysis of the contents of the fragment make it possible to surmise that it was originally a central bifolium. The fragment contains some liturgical feasts that clearly point to an Aquitanian liturgical tradition, see for example Lautenus ab. Maximiac. on fol. Av (2 November, this is a saint found mainly in manuscripts from Cluny); Leonardus disc. s. Remigii on fol. Br (Leonard of Limoges, 6 November); Valentinus & Hilarius mm. Viterb. (3 November); Florus, Episcopus Lugdunensis on fol. Bv (Florus of Lyon, 4 November); Austremonius ep. Arvern. (Bishop, Martyr, Apostle of Auvergne, 7 November). Further info on manuscripts containing the same liturgical feasts can be found in the database 'Calendrier' at http://calendriers.irht.cnrs.fr/calscope.htm.
Condition of document: 
Damaged. The ink is vanished in many points, fols. Ar and Bv are in poorer condition (external side of the bifolium). Half of the right column of fol. Bv is now currently unreadable.

Later hand inscriptions on fol. Ar that makes the reading of the musical contents very challenging. Other later-hand inscriptions (now almost completely disappeared) can be found on the left side of fol. Bv.

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