P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade 042

P-Cug MM 042
Document type: 
15th - 16th century
Type of notation: 
p.1 - Lectionarium; p.3 - Agnus Dei; p.4 - Gradual; p.14 - Gloria Patri tones; p.17 - Kyrial (Kyrie and Sanctus); p.33 - Gradual; p.43 - Pro defunctis; p.56 - Lectionarium.
The manuscript shows one foliation and a pagination. Continuous modern pagination written in pencil in Arabic numerals placed at the top external corner of each page. References are given here to the Arabic numbering. Foliation in Roman numerals in red ink from pages 5 to 37 and in black ink from 39 to 43 and between 47 and 59. Foliation is placed at top right corner of the recto.
Condition of document: 
Good despite some erasures and corrections (see p.42 for a text correction and p.4 for music correction). Ink faded on some pages (see the red ink for the staves on p.21).
Red or blue flourish initials, a parti-coloured letter (see p. 35) and some black cadels initials.

The Agnus Dei (p.3) was added by a modern hand on a folio that was originally left empty.
Pp.45-6 was written by a different hand. Occasionally portions of text and/or notes were erased and sometimes the text was replaced (e.g. p.42 and 58).
A cantus index is provided for the Kyries (pp. 17-19; 21-22; 25-26 and 29-30), see the box on the right.

Description of the notation: 

Semi-mensural notations from pages 63 to 65.

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