P-Gmas (Guimarães) Museu de Alberto Sampaio LC 17 (guardas)

P-Gmas LC 017 (guardas)
LC 017 (guardas)
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Document type: 
16th century
Type of notation: 
Troped Kyries
Folios A and B are the guard leaves of codex LC 17. Folio A is the initial guard leaf, folio B is the final one. Each guard leaf is made up of two bifolia pasted together. The top bifolium of each guard leaf is pasted upside-down with respect to the bottom bifolium. Each side of the guard leaves can be virtually divided in four sections: top left and right and bottom left and right. The image gallery provides full-page images of each folio side and detailed images of the four sections of each side. The four sections are labelled as TR (top-right), TL (top-left), BR (bottom-right), and BL (bottom-left). Both bifolia of folio A (Ar BL-Ar BR-Av BL-Av BR and Av TR-Av TL-Ar TR-Ar TL) are non-central bifolia. The bottom bifolium of folio B is a central bifolium (Bv BL-Br BR-Br BL-Bv BR). The analysis of the musical contents of guard leaves allowed us to demonstrate that all the bifolia originally belonged to the same gathering indeed, Kyrie Cunctipotens starts on folio A (initial guard leaf) and continues on folio B (final guard leaf) and the Kyrie Fons Bonitatis starts on Br TR and it continues on central bifolium Bv BL-Br BR. It is therefore possible to reconstruct the original order of the gathering: Ar BR, AV BL, Av TL, Ar TR, Bv TL, Br TR, Bv BL, Br BR, Br BL, Bv BR, Br TL, Bv TR, Ar TL, Av TR, Av BR, Ar BL.
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Measurements of the fragment: Ar, height 818 mm; width 580 mm (max), 510mm (min); Br, height 818 mm; width 580 mm (max), 490 mm (min).
Condition of document: 
The top right corners of folios Ar and Br are burnt while the bottom half of the same pages is severely trimmed (with loss of contents).
Red and blue initials with black or red decoration.
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