P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta N 020

P-G N 020
N 020
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13th - 14th cent.
Non-central bifolium containing parts of the offices for Pauli (celebrated on 30th June, rubric on fol. Bv) and Petri (celebrated on 29 June, no rubric). Regarding the chants assigned to 'Petri', it is important to highlight here that no other manuscript indexed so far in the Cantus-Index net of databases contains the same chants in the same liturgical order as found in fragment P-G N 20. However, the texts of the chants and their proximity to the office for 'Pauli' allowed the attribution of this liturgical feast.
Page layout: 
Two columns per page.
Condition of document: 
This bifolium is currently used as book cover. Fols. Av - Br are the external cover and, therefore, they are in much poorer condition. Here the parchment became darker, the ink vanished in many points, there are spots and traces of dirtiness. Wrinkles all over the fragment. The bifolium has irregular borders, they are either torn or folded to better fit the book covered.

Later-hand inscriptions on fol. Av, bottom right corner (written reversed with respect to the text).

Description of the notation: 

Medium-size neumes. The difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is usually clearly defined. The lozenge is used both isolated and in descendant and ascendant combinations. The lozenge is not used consistently but its presence is enough to clarify the mode of each chant. Although there are no lozenges in the Responsory ‘In omnem terram’ (Cantus ID 006919) and its verse, it is possible to speculate that these two chants were sung in the 6th mode. In the Antiphon ‘Ponens Petrus’ on ‘maNUM eRExit’ (fol. Ar) the scribe mistakenly wrote two almost consecutive lozenges two and three steps above the red line, which in this chant represents ‘C’.  The Responsory ‘Surge’ (same page) is in 4th mode and the line here means E. Custodes are not found.

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