P-BRad (Braga) Arquivo Distrital Pastas de fragmentos, 002

Pastas de fragmentos, 002

P-BRad Pastas 002

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12th - 13th century

Brown and red simple initials. "N" and "I" pen-flourished initials.

Inscriptions are visible on both sides of the single leaf. Recto: "Libro I dos bautizados, cazados, e def." (= Book of the baptised, married and deceased). Immediately below this inscription one can read in different font: "De C[...]vedra". Verso: "2" written by a modern hand in red ink. Between the two columns of text and music, in the upper half of the verso side there is another unreadable inscription in yellow ink. At the right side of the right column possibly the same hand wrote "An(f). do P[...]" (perhaps a signature?). At the very bottom of the verso there are two inscriptions, one is almost unreadable and it contains (at least) three lines of text; the other inscription contains just numbers, piled one above the other: 18, 12, 30, 80, 110.
Condition of document

The fragment is in bad condition. It consists of a single leaf plus two additional strips of parchment. The comparison of the style of the script and notation in the main folio and in the two strips allows us to propose that they originally belonged to the same codex, before it was dismantled.
The single leaf is badly damaged on the recto, which is almost unreadable. The verso is affected by damp stains. There are also: small holes, tears, wrinkles and sets of pricking holes that run along the vertical edges of the folio. Pricking holes can also be seen on the two additional strips of parchment. The single leaf was folded in two for long time, as it can be deduced from the horizontal fold which divides the page in two halves; a tear is visible along the fold.

Page layout

Leaf: 275-280 x c. 393 mm; text arranged in two columns on both sides of the single leaf. Columns measure c. 95 x 300 mm with 34 wl. Detached pieces measure c. 85 x 35/40 mm


COSTA Avelino Jesus da, Pergaminhos Medievais: Inventário Ideográfico e Bibliográfico (9.vols), Braga, Seminário de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 1944.

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