P-Lant (Lisboa) Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo Lorvão 15

P-Lant Lorvão 015
Lorvão 015 (Caixa Forte 102)
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Type of script: 
Starts with the introit Audivit Dominus, before the first Sunday in Lent. Ends with the introit Michi autem nimis honorati, for Thomas apostle.
24 quires, all numbered (from 4 to 27) except the tenth. Nrs. 9 and 15 are quinions, the remaining quaternions.
Page layout: 
Single-column lead-point ruling normally reproduces a 184 x 300 mm rectangle.
Condition of document: 
Acephalous and incomplete at the end. Two folios missing: after fol. 48 and after fol. 146. Right and top margin trimmed (the primitive foliation and part of the marginalia disappeared as a consequence)
Recently rebound.

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Name of the source: 
Gradual de Lorvão