P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta C 1509

P-G C 1509
C 1509
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ff. 1-29 Hebd. Sancta (Mandatum at 15r), 30-56 In tempore Paschae, 56r Dom. Pentecostes
119 folios with roman numerals; numbering starts on 1 and goes up to 121; original folio 1 missing and replaced; folio 93 also missing; numbering system fails on following folios: 17 (absent), 21 (absent), 22 (repeated), 51 (absent), 52 (repeated).
Page layout: 
c. 504 x c. 717 mm, text arranged in one column with 7 lines with music and text, column measure 378-381 x 573-577 (Folio 9r).
Condition of document: 
Good; some humidity; last 6 folios mutilated on bottom margin; the spine is damaged.
Red, blue and black initials, all with filigree designs (sepia for blue initials and black for red and black initials).

Two inscriptions on the last page (middle and bottom), state that the book was made by Frei António Paiz from Coimbra in 1547 and illuminated, in the same year, by Frei Simão from the Convento de Nossa Senhora do Espinheiro (Évora).


It is probably the second part of the book LC 3 (Gradual; from Advent up to Lent), in the Museum of Alberto Sampaio, in Guimarães. LC 3 was made in the same date, by both the same copyist and illuminator. These are the only books to share the same copyist and illuminator. For the other Hieronymite books in the Museu of Alberto Sampaio, the illuminator is Frei Jorge from Santarém.


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