P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 009

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Office Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cug MM 009 001v-004v + 006r-007r Gloriari oportet (Nos autem)* In
P-Cug MM 009 007v-008r Per signum crucis Cm
P-Cug MM 009 009v-015r Omnes in domino (Gaudeamus) In
P-Cug MM 009 016v-017r Diffusa est gratia Of
P-Cug MM 009 018v-023r Meditabitur (Os justi) In
P-Cug MM 009 023v-024r Beatus servus Cm
P-Cug MM 009 025v-029r Tuo domine (Intret in conspectu) In
P-Cug MM 009 030v-032r Languentium (Multitudo) Cm
P-Cug MM 009 032v-033r Justorum animae Cm
P-Cug MM 009 034v-055r Missa O genitrix Mi
P-Cug MM 009 056v-067r (Missa De Leirea) Mi
P-Cug MM 009 068v-076r (Missa La Bataille) Mi
P-Cug MM 009 077v-087r [Missa sine nomine] Mi
P-Cug MM 009 088v-097r + 159v-165 (Missa Mort et Fortune) Mi
P-Cug MM 009 098v-103r [Missa Philomena] Mi
P-Cug MM 009 103v-104r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 104v-105r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 105v-106r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 106v-107r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 107v-108r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 108v-109r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 109v-110r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 110v-111r Alleluia [Christus resurgens] Al
P-Cug MM 009 112v-113r Amen (Mass responses) rp
P-Cug MM 009 113v-114r Amen (Mass responses) rp
P-Cug MM 009 114v-115r textless [Christe redemptor] H
P-Cug MM 009 115v-121r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 1) Ca
P-Cug MM 009 121v-127r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 3) Ca
P-Cug MM 009 127v-128r Benedicamus domino BD
P-Cug MM 009 128v-133r Incipiunt lamentationes La
P-Cug MM 009 134v-138r Beth. Cogitavit dominus La
P-Cug MM 009 139v-142rr Heth. Misericordie domini La
P-Cug MM 009 142v-143r Alleluia Al
P-Cug MM 009 143v-147r Te aeternum patrem (Te Deum) TD
P-Cug MM 009 147v-148r Alleluia. Adorare Dominum Al
P-Cug MM 009 148v-151r Regina caeli ABV
P-Cug MM 009 151v-154r Salve regina ABV
P-Cug MM 009 154v-158r Salve regina ABV
P-Cug MM 009 165v O beatae pater theotoni* H
P-Cug MM 009 166v-167r + 166r + 005r + 012Br + 168r Ave maris stella* H
P-Cug MM 009
MM 009
Source type: 
Subcategory of book: 
Document type: 
mid 16th century [c.1545-c.1550]
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
1 Benedicamus domino; 2 Canticles; 3 Hymns; 1 Te Deum; 3 Lamentations; 6 Masses; 3 Marian antiphons; 9 Mass Propers + 10 Alleluias; 2 Responses (=40)
ii + 168 + ii; an unnumbered folio (not original) bound between fols 4 and 6; another between fols 12 and 13.
Unclear. Foliation and gathering structure disrupted, especially with rebinding process; some folios removed.
Page layout: 
Choirbook format. 560 x 418 mm.
Condition of document: 

4 paper types; 4 watermarks. Mark on paper 1 almost identical to Briquet #760; mark on paper 2 almost identical to Briquet #6098. Papers 3 & 4 related to MM 32 (paper 3) and MM 12 (f.37) (cf Rees 1995: 370-71 & 388-89).

Old, but not original, covers of light brown light-tooled leather added when MS rebound c. 1937-41.
Illuminated initials, f. 1v-2; f.18v; 34v-35. Decorated ink/ illuminated initials, f.35v-40v, 49v-51 & 55 (Richafort Mass); f. 68v-69; 77v-82; 128v-131; 134v-135; 143v-147; 148v-149151v-152; 168v.

Voice names added, f.27v-28. 'O genitrix / Richafort', f.34v-35. 'Contra Alta / Do pregador Tiple, f. 104v-105: 'De Buxel', f. 106; 'de d. heliodoro, f. 107; 'de moram', f.108; 'Vasco Pirez', f. 109; Sexta antigua', f.110; 'Octaua antigua', f.111; 'Alleluya' / de dom Frãcisco', f. 142v-143.


Original but incomplete index at front (see initial guardleaf, f.3v). Original foliation, ff.1-4, 6-158 added by same scribe as index. Three scribal hands evident (see analysis in Rees 1995: 179). Some scribal concordances with MM 12. Modern pencil foliation, 1-8, and on the 8 fols after fol. 158. Modern pencil foliation also applied irregularly, fols 1-13.


REES, Owen, Polyphony in Portugal c. 1530 – c. 1620. Sources from the Monastery of Santa Cruz, Coimbra, New York & London / Garland, 1995, pp. 173-83, 370-71 & 388-89

NELSON, Bernadette, 'A Polyphonic Hymn Cycle in Coimbra', in Pure Gold: Golden Age Sacred Music in the Iberian World. A Homage to Bruno Turner, eds T. Knighton and B. Nelson, Kassel: Reichenberger, 2011, pp. 167-205

C.M.M.E. Project (http://www.cmme.org/database/sources/129)