P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 008

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Office Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cug MM 008 001v-008r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 1) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 008v-014r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 2) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 014v-020r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 3) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 020v-026r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 4) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 026v-032r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 5) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 032v-038r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 6) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 038v-044r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 7) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 044v-050r Anima mea (Magnificat, tone 8) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 050v-051r Benedicamus Domino BD
P-Cug MM 008 051v-052r Haec dies A
P-Cug MM 008 052v-058r Et exultavit (Magnificat, tone 1) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 058v-064r Et exultavit (Magnificat, tone 2) Ca
P-Cug MM 008 066v-068r Sede a dextris meis (Dixit Dominus) PS
P-Cug MM 008 067v-070r In consilio justorum (Confitebor tibi) PS
P-Cug MM 008 069v-071r In mandatis eius (Beatus vir) PS
P-Cug MM 008 071v-073r Laudate nomen domini (Laudate pueri) PS
P-Cug MM 008 073v-074r Laudate eum (Laudate dominum omnes gentes) PS
P-Cug MM 008 075v-078r Miserere mei (Cum invocarem) PS
P-Cug MM 008 078v-079r Inclina ad me (In te domine PS
P-Cug MM 008 079v-081r Tristis est anima mea R
P-Cug MM 008 081v-082r Eram quasi agnus R
P-Cug MM 008 083v-084r Miserere mihi domine A
P-Cug MM 008 086v-087r Regem cui omnia vivunt I
P-Cug MM 008 086v-088r Parce mihi domine L
P-Cug MM 008 089v-090r Qui Lazarum resuscitasti R
P-Cug MM 008 089v-090r Hei mihi domine R
P-Cug MM 008 092v-094r Tristis est anima mea R
P-Cug MM 008 094v-095r Ecce vidimus R
P-Cug MM 008 095v-096r Amicus meus R
P-Cug MM 008 096v-097r Unus ex discipulus meis R
P-Cug MM 008 097v-098r Judas mercator R
P-Cug MM 008 098v-099r Eram quasi agnus R
P-Cug MM 008 099v-100r Una hora non potuisti R
P-Cug MM 008 100v-101r Omnes amici mei R
P-Cug MM 008 100v-101r Velum templi scisum est R
P-Cug MM 008 101v-102r Vinea mea electa R
P-Cug MM 008 101v-102r Tanquam ad latronem R
P-Cug MM 008 102v-103r Tenebrae factae sunt R
P-Cug MM 008 102v-104r Animam meam R
P-Cug MM 008 104v-105r Tradiderunt me R
P-Cug MM 008 104v-105r Jesum tradidit impius R
P-Cug MM 008 106v Amicus meus R
P-Cug MM 008 109v-111r Parce mihi domine L
P-Cug MM 008 112v-113r Hodie nobis celorum rex R
P-Cug MM 008 115v-116r Sancta et immaculata R
P-Cug MM 008 116v-117r Velum templi scissum est R
P-Cug MM 008
MM 008
Source type: 
Subcategory of book: 
Document type: 
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
2 Antiphons; 1 Benedicamus domino; 10 Canticles; 1 Invitatory; 2 Lessons; 7 Psalms; 23 Responsories (Tenebrae) (=46)
iii + 117 + ii. Manuscript was copied in two distinct sections: ff.1-64; 65-117. Modern pencil foliation, 1-117, beginning after original flyleaf (i).
Details of gathering structure unclear.
Page layout: 
Choirbook format. 558 x 405 mm.
Condition of document: 
Damaged in parts of both sections of manuscript: ff.53-63v (corroded); ff. 66-74, 87 (slightly corroded). Top part of manuscript of second section, has large damp patch, ff. 68-117.

1 paper type related to MM 26 (paper 4); 1 watermark (cf Rees: 1995: 370 & 387).

Old but not original light-brown tooled leather over boards added in c. 1937-1941.
A few calligraphic initials.

Latin voice names and instructions ff.1-64. Top of f. 66v: 'psalmi Sanctorum domni petri'. Voice names added ff. 77v-78, 83v-84, 86v, 93, 93v-94, 109v-110. Top of ff. 93v-94: 'Responsorium feriae quinta in caena Domini – Chorus secundus / Actor. Dóno Petro Chorus Primus'; similar inscriptions ff. 94, 95v, 96v, 97v, 98v, 99v, 100v, 112v-113.


Traces of gold(?) colouring to all three edges of folios, up to f. 51. Part of manuscript copied by Pedro de Cristo (see also MM 18, MM 33 and MM 36). Manuscript was copied in two distinct sections: ff.1-64; 65-117. Each section provided with margins and staves before music added; size of rastrum and system of indented staves different in each. It is posible that the two sections of the manuscript existed independently and were bound together later, although the paper used is of the same type in both sections.


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REES, Owen (ed.), Music by Pedro de Cristo: An Edition of the Motets from Coimbra Biblioteca Geral da Universidade, MM 33, Amsterdam: Harvard Academic Publishers, 1998 [Introduction includes list of works by Pedro de Cristo in surviving Portuguese sources]

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