P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta C 1152

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Office Genre Position
P-G C 1152 Ar [O Petre pastor summe et Paule] Joannis Bapt.,8 A 004053
P-G C 1152 Ar Fuit homo missus* Joannis Bapt.,8
P-G C 1152 Ar Rex Christe Martini totum* Transl. Martini V H
P-G C 1152 Ar O Martine o pie* Transl. Martini V A M 004038
P-G C 1152 Ar Adoremus Christum* Transl. Martini M I 001006
P-G C 1152 Ar Rex Christe* Transl. Martini M H
P-G C 1152 Ar Martinus adhuc catechumenus hac me veste Transl. Martini M A 1.1 003712
P-G C 1152 Ar Sanctae trinitatis fidem Martinus confessus est Transl. Martini M A 1.2 004706
P-G C 1152 Ar Ego signo crucis non clipeo protectus Transl. Martini M A 1.3 002587
P-G C 1152 Ar Amavit eum* Transl. Martini M W 1. 007941
P-G C 1152 Ar Hic est Martinus electus* Transl. Martini M R 1.1 006825
P-G C 1152 Ar Ecce sacerdos* Transl. Martini M R 1.2 006609
P-G C 1152 Ar Juravit dominus* Transl. Martini M R 1.3 007046
P-G C 1152 Ar Confido in domino quod filia mea Transl. Martini M A 2.1 001872
P-G C 1152 Ar Tetradius cognita dei virtute ad baptismi Transl. Martini M A 2.2 005141
P-G C 1152 Ar O ineffabilem virum per quem nobis Transl. Martini M A 2.3 004033
P-G C 1152 Ar Justum deduxit* Transl. Martini M W 2. 008115
P-G C 1152 Ar Oculis ac manibus* Transl. Martini M R 2.1 007310
P-G C 1152 Ar Dum sacramenta* Transl. Martini M R 2.2 006558
P-G C 1152 Ar O vere beatum in cujus* Transl. Martini M R 2.3 007301
P-G C 1152 Ar Dominus Ihesus (Christus) non se inquid Transl. Martini M A 3.1 002411
P-G C 1152 Av Sacerdos dei Martine pastor egregie ora Transl. Martini M A 3.2 004671
P-G C 1152 Av Imposita manu puero beatus Martinus immundum Transl. Martini M A 3.3 003201
P-G C 1152 Av Justus g-* Transl. Martini M W 3.
P-G C 1152 Av Ora pro nobis beate Martine* Transl. Martini M R 3.1 007326
P-G C 1152 Av O beatum virum in* Transl. Martini M R 3.2 007257
P-G C 1152 Av Sancte Martine* Transl. Martini M R 3.3
P-G C 1152 Av Ecce sacerdos* Transl. Martini L A 1
P-G C 1152 Av Martine par [apostolis]* Transl. Martini L H 830215
P-G C 1152 Av Martinus adhuc* Transl. Martini A 003712
P-G C 1152 Av Rex Christe* Transl. Martini V2 H
P-G C 1152 Av Hic martin[us]* Transl. Martini V2 A M
P-G C 1152 Av Felix per omnes* Octava Apostolorum V H 008302
P-G C 1152 Av Isti sunt duae olivae et duo Octava Apostolorum V A M 003438
P-G C 1152 Av Laudemus deum nostrum in [conversione?]* Octava Apostolorum M I 001098
P-G C 1152 Av Exsultet caelum* Octava Apostolorum M H 008301
P-G C 1152 Av Petrus et Joannes ascendebant in templum Octava Apostolorum M A 1.1 004287
P-G C 1152 Av Qui operatus est Petro* Octava Apostolorum M A 1.2 004489
P-G C 1152 Av Claudus quidam cum vidisset Petrum et Octava Apostolorum M A 1.3 001829
P-G C 1152 Av In omnem terram exivit* Octava Apostolorum M W 1. 008097
P-G C 1152 Av Quem dicunt homines* Octava Apostolorum M R 1.1
P-G C 1152 Av Scio cui credidi* Octava Apostolorum M R 1.2 007628
P-G C 1152 Av B- ---* Octava Apostolorum M R 1.3
P-G C 1152 Av S- ---* Octava Apostolorum M A 2.1
P-G C 1152 Br [...] Octava Apostolorum M [?]
P-G C 1152 Br [...] Octava Apostolorum M [?]
P-G C 1152 Br G(ra)[tia] (dei sum) [id Octava Apostolorum M R 2.2 006790
P-G C 1152 Br Qui operatus est Petro i(n) [ Octava Apostolorum M V 01 006790b
P-G C 1152 Br Ne magnitudo [revel]ationum (ext)ollat Octava Apostolorum M R 2.3 007205
P-G C 1152 Br [Nam virt](us) [in infirmitate] perfi( Octava Apostolorum M V 01 007205a
P-G C 1152 Br In nomine (Jesu Chri)sti Nazar[ Octava Apostolorum M A 3.1 003260
P-G C 1152 Br Tu es vas electionis* Octava Apostolorum M A 3.2 005211
P-G C 1152 Br Exiluit cl[audu]s et ambulabatt Octava Apostolorum M A 3.3 201719
P-G C 1152 Br Solve jubente [...] Octava Apostolorum M [?] 3.
P-G C 1152 Br Magnus sanctus P(aulu)s vas Octava Apostolorum M R 3.1 007123
P-G C 1152 Bv A Christo de celo vocatus (et Octava Apostolorum M V 01 007123a
P-G C 1152 Bv Isti sunt d(ue) olive et Octava Apostolorum M R 3.2 007014
P-G C 1152 Bv Isti sunt duo viri misericordie qui Octava Apostolorum M V 01 007014c
P-G C 1152 Bv Petrus apostolus* Octava Apostolorum L A 1 004284
P-G C 1152 Bv O celi ianitor* Octava Apostolorum L A 2 203396
P-G C 1152 Bv Inseparabilis* Octava Apostolorum L A 3 003354
P-G C 1152 Bv S(anctum est) verum lumen et Octava Apostolorum L A 4 004768
P-G C 1152 Bv Isti sunt viri sancti quos elegit Octava Apostolorum L A 5 003449
P-G C 1152 Bv Hodie illuxit* Octava Apostolorum L A B 003102
P-G C 1152
C 1152
Source type: 
Subcategory of book: 
Document type: 
early 13th century
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Octava Joannis Bapt., Transl. Martini, Octava Apostolorum
Page layout: 
One full page column. Approximately 25 text lines alternated with a red line for notation.
Condition of document: 
Damaged; the fragment is composed of two folios sewed together. Both folios have irregular margins. Traces of humidity and dirtiness, especially of fol. Ar which is almost unreadable.
Plain initials in red, black and brown. Occasionally these initials have some simple decoration in the same color.
Description of the notation: 

Medium size neumes around a red line. There are several instances where the difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is not clearly defined  because the punctum has the lateral borders tilted to the right (like a parallelogram). The lozenge for the lower semitone is not used consistently.  It is used either as simple neume or as part of an ascending or descending patter of two or more notes on one syllable. Custodes consistently used.