P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 018

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Office Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cug MM 018 001v-003r Domine hyssopo (Asperges me) A
P-Cug MM 018 003v-005r Egredientem (Vidi aquam) A
P-Cug MM 018 005v-007r Domine hyssopo (Asperges me) A
P-Cug MM 018 007v-009r Sede a dextris meis (Dixit dominus) ( PS
P-Cug MM 018 009v-011r In consilio (Confitebor tibi) (tone 7) PS
P-Cug MM 018 011v-013r Ego autem humilia (Credidi) (tone 3) PS
P-Cug MM 018 012v-014r Qui ambulant (Beati omnes)(tone 4) PS
P-Cug MM 018 014v-016r Lauda Deum tuum Sion (Lauda Jerusalem) ( PS
P-Cug MM 018 016v-019r Gloria laus et honor H
P-Cug MM 018 019v-020r Hosanna filio David H
P-Cug MM 018 020v-022r In monte oliveti R
P-Cug MM 018 022v-023r Sanctus (Sanctus) Sa
P-Cug MM 018 023v-025r Kyrie Ky
P-Cug MM 018 024v-026r Sanctus Sa
P-Cug MM 018 026v-027r Qui tollis (Agnus Dei) Ag
P-Cug MM 018 027v-028r Et erexit (Benedictus Dominus) Ca
P-Cug MM 018 030v-034r Non in die festo Pa
P-Cug MM 018 034v-038r Non in die festo Pa
P-Cug MM 018 038v-039r Regina caeli ABV
P-Cug MM 018 040v-042r Hodie nobis de caelo Nativitas Domini R
P-Cug MM 018 042v-044r O magnum mysterium R
P-Cug MM 018 044v-046r Beata dei genitrix R
P-Cug MM 018 046v-048r Beata viscera mariae R
P-Cug MM 018 050v-051r Venite adoremus H
P-Cug MM 018 052v-058r Anima mea (Magnificat) (tone 8) Ca
P-Cug MM 018 058v-060r Rerum Deus H
P-Cug MM 018 060v-064r Ideo scrutat est (Mirabilia testimonia tua) ( PS
P-Cug MM 018 065v-067r Justificationes tuas (Clamavi in toto corde PS
P-Cug MM 018 067v-069r Et a verbis tuis (Principes persecuti PS
P-Cug MM 018 070v-073r Missa de Quadragesima [Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Mi
P-Cug MM 018 073v-074r Nonne benedicimus Pa
P-Cug MM 018 077v-080r Miserere mei et exaudi [Cum invocarem] ( PS
P-Cug MM 018 082v-083r Miserere mihi domine A
P-Cug MM 018 083v-084r Procul recedant [Te lucis] H
P-Cug MM 018 084v In manus tuas rp
P-Cug MM 018 085r In manus tuas rp
P-Cug MM 018 085v-086r In manus tuas rp
P-Cug MM 018 086v-087r Salva nos domine A
P-Cug MM 018 087v-088r Regem cui omnia vivunt I
P-Cug MM 018 088v-090r Parce mihi domine L
P-Cug MM 018 093v-095r Dixit dominus (tone 8) PS
P-Cug MM 018 095v-097r Ave Maria Mo
P-Cug MM 018 097v-099r Laudate nomen domini (Laudate pueri) (tone 8) PS
P-Cug MM 018 099v-100r Laudate dominum (tone 8?) PS
P-Cug MM 018 101v-104r Sanctorum meritis H
P-Cug MM 018 104v-106r Dixit Dominus (tone 1 in G) PS
P-Cug MM 018 106v-109r In consilio justorum (Confitebor tibi Domine) ( PS
P-Cug MM 018 109v-111r Potens in terra [Beatus vir] PS
P-Cug MM 018 111v-113r Domine exaudi [De profundis] PS
P-Cug MM 018 113v-115r Veni creator spiritus H
P-Cug MM 018 115v-116r O lux beata trinitas H
P-Cug MM 018 116v-118r Ut queant laxis H
P-Cug MM 018 118v-122r Sicut juravit [Memento domine] PS
P-Cug MM 018 123v-125r Anima mea (Magnificat) (tone 2) Ca
P-Cug MM 018 125v-127r Dilexi quoniam (tone 2) PS
P-Cug MM 018 126v-128r Levavi oculos meos Mo
P-Cug MM 018 128v-130r Quoniam audisti (Confitebor tibi domine) (tone 2) PS
P-Cug MM 018 130v-131r Et secundum [Miserere] PS
P-Cug MM 018 131v [untexted]
P-Cug MM 018
MM 018
Source type: 
Subcategory of book: 
Document type: 
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Antiphons (5), Canticles (3), Hymns (9), Invitatorium (1), Lesson (1), Marian antiphon (1), Masses (1), Mass sections (4), Motets (2), Passion (sections) (3), Psalms (20); Responds (3), Responsories (5); Misc. (1)
i + 131 + i
MS compiled as single project. Folios probably gathered and bound (even if loosely) before the music was copied. (cf Rees 1995, 199 & 200)
Page layout: 
Choirbook format. 473 x 375 mm
Condition of document: 
Generally good, but with some discolouration caused by dampness, and some ink bleed-through with loss of notes in central section due to ink corrosion (especially ff. 58-64)

2 paper types; 2 watermarks. Mark on paper 1 belongs to Briquet's Pèlerin type (cf Rees: 1995: 372 & 393)

Old (possibly original) soft covers of beige leather
Calligraphic initials (in red / black ink), ff. 1v-6r; 11v-12r; 16v-28r; 34v-39r; 52v-53r; 58v-64r; 82v-89r; 93v-94; 95v-100r; 104v-113r; 117r; 118v-122r. Boxed initials, f. 123v-124r.

'Livro de diuersa musica do P.e Dom Pedro Conigo Regular de S.to Augustinho …' (f. 1r). 'cú quatuor voc Dóno Petor (f. 1v). 'cú quinque vocibus', in red ink (f. 5v). Names of voice parts in red ink (ff. 5v-7). 'In festo Corporis christi: psalmi'; 'Dóno Petro' and 'prim(us) tonus' next to intonation (in red ink) (f. 7v). Voice names in red ink, f. 8v. 'Terceiro' next to intonation (in red ink) (f. 11v). 'Quarto tom' next to intonation (in red ink) (f. 12v). 'Domini Petri' (f.16v). 'Dni Petri' (f. 20v). 'Dominica in ramis palmarum. Dóno Petro' (f.31r). 'feria tertia' (f.34v), 'Domni Petri. Can.S.+' (f.35r). 'Guerreiro' (f.38v). 'Responsso 2º Do Natal' (f.40v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.41r). 'Versso Para instrumentos' (f.41v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.42r); voice names on ff.41v-42r. 'Responsso 4º Do Natal' (f.42v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.43r), and voice names. 'Versso Pa instrumentos' (f.43v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.44r), and names of instrumental parts. 'Responsso 5º Do Natal' (f.44v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.45r), and voice names. 'Versso Pa instrumentos' (f.44v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.45r), and names of instrumental parts. 'Responsso 7º Do Natal' (f.46v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.47r), and voice names. 'Versso Pa instrumentos' (f.47v), 'Dom Pedro da Esperança' (f.48r), and names of instrumental parts. 'Octaui toni cú octo uocib(us). Chorus primus' (f.52v), 'Chor(us) 2(us) Dóno Petro Canónico' (in red ink) (f.53r). Voice names in red ink (ff.54v-58r). 'In festo Ascentionis dni. Ad nonam. Cú 4.voc.' (f.58v). 'Iº Psalmo' (f.60r), 'D. Gaspar' (f.61r). '2º Psalmo (f.55v), 'D. Pedro da esperança' (f.66r). '3º Psalmo' (f.67v), 'D. Pedro da esperança' (f.68r). 'Missa de Quadragessima A 4 (f.70v), 'Domnus Petrus ad spe' (f.71r), and voice names (headings repeated ff.71v-73r). 'In Dominica Passionis A.4.' (f.73v), 'Domnus Petrus ab spe' (f.74), and voice names. 'Tertius modus. Don(us) Petrus' (in red ink) (f.77v). Voice names in red ink ff. 79v-80r. 'Chor(us) 1(us) cú octo voccib(us) Dóno Petro. (f.82v), 'Chorus 2(us)' (f.83r), and voice names (in red ink). 'cú quinq(ue) vos' (f.83v)' and voice names in red ink (ff.83v-84r). 'Cum tribus Vocibus' (f.84v). 'Resposta a quatro' (f.85r); and voice names in red ink (ff.84v-85r). Voice names ff. 84v-85r. 'cú octo uoc. Chorus I(us). Petrus canonicus', 'chorus 2(us) (f.87r), and voice names in red ink. 'a sete Dóno Pedtro (f.93v) and voice names (ff.93v-95r). 'a 8º Dóno Petro (f.95v), 'a 8º' (f.96r), and voice names (ff.95v-96). 'Himnus. cú octo uocibus chor(us) I(us) (in red ink) (f.101v), 'Chorus 2(us)' (in red ink), 'Dóno Petro auctore' (in black ink) (f.102r), and voice names in red ink (ff.101v-104r). 'Dono Petro Canónico' (f.113v). 'In festo sanctas Trinitatis Dono Petro' (in red ink) (f.115v). 'In festo S. Joanis baptistae' (f.116v). 'Secundi toni Dono Petro auctore' (f.123r). 'Secúdi toni' (in red ink) (f.124v). 'Quinto modo' (in red ink) (f.126v). 'Secúdi toni' (in red ink) (f.128v). 'a cinquo reposta', with voice names in red ink (ff.130v-131r).


High degree of consistency in number, layout and dimensions of staves inidcates that MS compiled as single project, despite use of several different rastra (cf Rees 1995, 200). Double vertical-line borders in red ink on each page. It was originally copied by two scribes, who had also copied P-Cug MM 8. One of these was the composer Pedro de Cristo, who was the first scribe to work on this manuscript. He originally left gaps between pieces and groups of pieces which were later filled by other scribes (cf Rees 1995, 199-200). Modern pencil foliation, 1-131.


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