P-Gmas (Guimarães) Museu de Alberto Sampaio LC 16

P-Gmas LC 016
LC 016
Source type: 
Document type: 
16th - 17th cent.
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
The manuscript is made up of different codicological units joined together. These units have different provenance and datings, the most modern sections correspond to fols. 4-6; 12-14; 22. The general contents of the manuscript are: 001r - Asperges me; 002r Vidi Aquam; 004r - Credo; 012r- Kyrie; 015r - Gloria; 018r - Credo; 022v - Gloria; 034v - Credo; 037v - Sanctus; 044v - Agnus Dei; 049v - Verbum caro panem verum; 050v - Rorate caeli; 053v - Ave Maria offertorium; 055r - Vultum tuum deprecabuntur; 059r - Salve Sancta; 067r - Requiem; 080r - Deo Gratias compositions; 083r - Alleluia; 083v - responso defuncti; 85v - Item missa est; Benidicamus domino.
The manuscript has 85 folios and one modern foliation (written by pencil at the bottom left corner of each recto) and a pagination, probably original, written top external corner of each page. References in this database are given following the modern foliation.
Page layout: 
534 x 370 x 65 mm; 510 x 352 mm; one column 410 x 270 mm
Condition of document: 
Fair. The upper corners of each folio are damaged to various degree and most of the original foliation - which was written here - is now lost. Missing folios, e.g. between fols. 84-85. It is important to highlight that part of the original text on folios 65v-66r was replaced by means of later additions of strips of parchment and new text.
Leather over boards
Plain red or black capital letters. Blue, red and blue/red capital letters with filigree and flourished ornamentation. Yellow/green/red/blue capital letters. Some flowers, birds, peacocks and angels drawings.

MAGALHÃES, Eduardo, "Os livros de Cantochão dos séculos XVI e XVII do Museu Alberto Sampaio" (dissertação de Mestrado, Coimbra, Faculdade de Letras, 2001), pp. 41- 69.

Description of the notation: 

Square notation fols. 1-3v; 11-18; 22v-33; 37v-85v. Semi-mensural notation fols. 4-11; 18-22; 33v-37v.




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