P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 048

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Office Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cug MM 048 001r textless*
P-Cug MM 048 001v-003v Maria Magdalena et altera Maria (2 p Mo
P-Cug MM 048 004r-006r Tulerunt dominum meum (2 p. Et dum Mo
P-Cug MM 048 006r-008r Ite in orbem (2 p. Signa eos) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 008r-009r Non conturbetur Mo
P-Cug MM 048 009v-010r Ite in orbem Mo
P-Cug MM 048 010v-012r Surge propera (2 p. Hodie nata est) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 012v-014v [Quem dicunt homines] Mo
P-Cug MM 048 015r-016v Adjuva nos deus Mo
P-Cug MM 048 016r-018r Hodie beata virgo (2 p. Responsum accepit) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 018v-021r Alleluia spiritus domini (2 p. Laudes deo Al
P-Cug MM 048 021v-022r [Anima mea] (Magnificat, tone 8)* Ca
P-Cug MM 048 022v-024r Egredimini et videte (2 p. Ostende faciem Mo
P-Cug MM 048 024r-025r Haec dies quam fecit Mo
P-Cug MM 048 025r-025v textless
P-Cug MM 048 026r-027r Laus deo (2 p. Et beata viscera) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 027v-028v Gaudent in caelis Mo
P-Cug MM 048 028v-030r Peccavi super numerum (2 p. Quoniam iniquitatem Mo
P-Cug MM 048 030v-033r [Salve Regina](2 p. [Eia ergo])(3 p ABV
P-Cug MM 048 033r-034r Non vos relinquam Mo
P-Cug MM 048 034r-035r O rex gloriae Mo
P-Cug MM 048 035r-035v Kyrie eleison/Vulnerasti cor meum [Agnus Ag
P-Cug MM 048 036r-036v O bone Jesu Mo
P-Cug MM 048 036v-037v O admirabile commercium Mo
P-Cug MM 048 037v-038v Hodie Christus natus Mo
P-Cug MM 048 038v-039r Alegrai-vos CC
P-Cug MM 048 039v Ave Maria Mo
P-Cug MM 048 040r-040v Crucifixus etiam (Credo, Missa Quam pulchra Cr
P-Cug MM 048 040v-042r Fuit homo missus (2 p. Hic precursor) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 042r Tanto tempore Mo
P-Cug MM 048 042v-043v Homo erat in Jerusalem (2 p. Et Mo
P-Cug MM 048 043v-044v Panis quem ego (2 p. Locutus est Mo
P-Cug MM 048 045r-045v Philomena praevia (2 p. [Veni dulcis amica]) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 045v-046v Angelus domini (2 p. textless) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 046v-048r Quem dicunt homines (2 p. Petre diligis Mo
P-Cug MM 048 048r-049r O gloriosa dei genitrix (2 p. Quae Mo
P-Cug MM 048 049r-050r Benedixit deus Noe (2 p. Ecce ego Mo
P-Cug MM 048 050v-052v Nisi dominus (2 p. Cum dederit dilectis) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 052v-053r Domine si tu es* Mo
P-Cug MM 048 053v-054r Stabat mater dolorosa Mo
P-Cug MM 048 054r Rex autem David Mo
P-Cug MM 048 054v textless
P-Cug MM 048 055r-057v Ricercar primo Instr
P-Cug MM 048 057v-061r Ricercar quinto Instr
P-Cug MM 048 061r-065v Ricercar sexto Instr
P-Cug MM 048 066r Tento de meio registo* Instr
P-Cug MM 048 066v Ricercar septimo* Instr
P-Cug MM 048 070r-073v Ricercar octavo Instr
P-Cug MM 048 074r-077r Ricercar segundo Instr
P-Cug MM 048 077r-079v [Ricercar] terceiro Instr
P-Cug MM 048 079v textless* Instr
P-Cug MM 048 080r-082v Ricercar quarto Instr
P-Cug MM 048 082v-084r Reges terre (2 p. Et venientes) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 084v-085v Sancta Maria succurre Mo
P-Cug MM 048 085v-086v + 094r-094v Miserere nostri deus (2 p. Innova signa) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 086v-087v De profundis Mo
P-Cug MM 048 087v-090v Qui confidunt (2 p. Benefac domine) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 090v-092r Et in terra (Gloria, Missa Vulnerasti Gl
P-Cug MM 048 092r Hosanna in excelsis (Sanctus, Missa Vulnerasti Sa
P-Cug MM 048 092v-094r textless
P-Cug MM 048 094v-095r En espoir d'avoir mieulx Ch
P-Cug MM 048 095r-095v Sans vous ne puis Ch
P-Cug MM 048 095v-096r En desirant que je vous voye Ch
P-Cug MM 048 096r + 114r-114v Au fort quant dieu plaira Ch
P-Cug MM 048 096v-098v Ricercar nono Instr
P-Cug MM 048 098v-101v Ricercar décimo Instr
P-Cug MM 048 101v-103r Clementissime Christi Mo
P-Cug MM 048 103r-105v In illo tempore dixit Jesus...Modicum (2 Mo
P-Cug MM 048 105v-109r Ave domine Jesu Christe (2 p. Ave… Mo
P-Cug MM 048 109r-111v Inclina domine (2 p. Deduc me) (3 p Mo
P-Cug MM 048 111v-112r Martinus Abrahe Mo
P-Cug MM 048 112v-114r Ecce amica mea(2 p. [Flores apparuerunt]) Mo
P-Cug MM 048 114v-115r Plus en sera garde Ch
P-Cug MM 048 115r-115v C'est à grand tort qu'on dict* Ch
P-Cug MM 048 115v-116r Een meijsken was Ch
P-Cug MM 048 116r-116v Dame par ta rudesse Ch
P-Cug MM 048 117r-117v Pluschen van Brusel Ch
P-Cug MM 048 117v textless*
P-Cug MM 048 119r textless*
P-Cug MM 048 119v-120r D'amour me plains Ch
P-Cug MM 048 120r-120v [Tiento, 6º tono] Mo
P-Cug MM 048 120v-122r [Ave sanctissima Maria] Mo
P-Cug MM 048 122v textless*
P-Cug MM 048 123r-123v Ave sanctissimum Mo
P-Cug MM 048 123v Rex autem David Mo
P-Cug MM 048 124r-126r [Salve Regina]* ABV
P-Cug MM 048 126v-127r Beth. Plorans ploravit La
P-Cug MM 048 127v textless*
P-Cug MM 048 127v pri[meiro] ton[o] [fabordão, F
P-Cug MM 048 127v [fabordão, tone 1]* F
P-Cug MM 048 127v octa[vo tono] [fabordão, tone 8]* F
P-Cug MM 048
MM 048
Source type: 
Document type: 
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Polyphony: 1 Agnus Dei; 1 Alleluia; 1 Canção; 1 Canticle; 10 Chansons; 2 Credo; 3 Fabordões; 1 Gloria; 1 Lamentation; 2 Marian antiphons; 46 Motets; 1 Responsory; 1 Sanctus; 7 unidentified (=78). Instrumental: 13
ii + 121 + ii; old, possibly original, brown ink foliation 1-12, 14-62, 64-66, 68, 70-117, 119-124, 126-127; foliation omitted numbers 13 and 63; fol. 67, 69, 118, and 125 are missing.
a2, b1+10, c2, d10+1, e10, f1+8+1, g-i10 (i lacks 1 fol. before and after fol. 68), j-n10 (n lacks second leaf, that is fols. 118 and 125), o1+2 (last 2 fols., [i] and [ii], form the back flyleaf). See also Rees (1995), pp. 278-80 and Table 10
Page layout: 
Open score format. 320 × 205 mm
Condition of document: 
Fair; ink blots in fols. 78r-81v, with some loss of text in fols. 80v-81r.

1 type of paper; no watermarks.

Old, possibly original, soft covers made of a parchment folio apparently from a Latin dictionary; remains of leather ties.
No decoration.

Inscription on verso of second unnumbered folio at back of MS: ‘Em os seis dias do mes de junho 1559 começei a dar lição / de tanger aos irmãos dom bras dom bernado e dom joam’, by scribe A (cf. Rees 1995, p. 338)


MS prepared in advance of copying; three original scribes; alterations and additions by different later hands as late as the 17th-century (see Rees 1995, pp. 278-81). It is comprised predominantly of copies of motets and other vocal polyphony, the majority of which receive textual incipits, or may be partially texted; it also includes a few instrumental (keyboard) pieces. It is closely related to P-Cug MM 242, which was entirely copied by scribe A.

Blank folios: 68r-68v (staves and vertical lines drawn).


KASTNER, Macario Santiago, ‘Los manuscritos musicales n. 48 y 242 de la Biblioteca General de la Universidad de Coimbra’, in Anuario Musical, vol. 5, Barcelona: Instituto Español de Musicología, 1950, pp. 78-96

REES, Owen, Polyphony in Portugal c. 1530 – c. 1620. Sources from the Monastery of Santa Cruz, Coimbra, New York & London: Garland, 1995, pp. 271-82, 338-60, and 378

NELSON, Bernadette, ‘The Chansons of Thomas Crecquillon and Clemens non Papa in Sources of Instrumental Music in Spain and Portugal, and Sixteenth-Century Keyboard Traditions’, in Beyond Contemporary Fame. Reassessing the Art of Clemens non Papa and Thomas Crecquillon, ed. Eric Ja, Turnhout: Brepols Publishers n.v., 2005, pp. 167-89

REES, Owen & NELSON, Bernadette (ed.), Cristóbal de Morales: Sources, Influences, Reception, Martlesham: Boydell Press, 2007

OLIVEIRA, Filipe M., A génese do tento para instrumentos de tecla no testemunho dos manuscritos P-Cug MM 48 e MM 242 (com uma edição crítica dos ricercari de Jacques Buus e das suas versões recompostas), Dissertação de Doutoramento, Universidade de Évora, 2011, pp. 7-16, 24-31, 34-39

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