P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 0053

P-Cug MM 0053
MM 0053
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Late 16th century [c.1585-c.1600]
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Polyphony: Alleluias (8), antiphons (3), Benedicamus domino (5), Canticles (1), Chorus (1), Lamentations (2), Litanies (7), Marian antiphons (3), Mass propers (4) Mass section (1), Motets (40), Passions (6), Psalms (11), Responses (1), Responsories (1), Songs (2), Te Deum (3), unidentified (1) (=100)
Chant: Mass sections (2)

i + 132 + i; old ink foliation, fols 001-014, 021-089, 091-0133; modern blue ink foliation, fols 015-020 filling the gap in the old foliation; fol. 90 is missing
a6, b4, c8, d6+1, e-g8, h4+1, i8, j6, k2, l6, m10, n6+1, o6+1 (lacks 1 fol. after fol. 89), p-t8; back flyleaf pasted to fol. 133
Page layout: 
Choirbook format. 312 × 220 mm
Condition of document: 
Fair; little to moderate ink corrosion and bleed-through on several folios without loss of text

1 type of paper; 1 watermark, also occurring in P-Cug MM 44 (paper 2; see Rees, appendix 1)

Old, possibly original, covers made of a parchment folio from a large chant book; remains of leather ties
No decoration

‘Dom Gabriel de S. Joaõ’ [an Augustinian canon, fl. 1624], fol. [i]r; a number of pieces have liturgical assignment, authorship attribution, indication of mode, directions for transposition, and other information relating to performance practice


Incomplete index on fol. [i]v with several inaccuracies; two original scribes; additions, mostly chant, by different later hands (cf. Rees 1995, p. 291). Manuscript compiled complete with margins and staves in advance of copying the music (cf. Rees 1995, p. 289). It was copied from several Santa Cruz manuscripts, including especially P-Cug MM 33 (then newly compiled/copied by Pedro de Cristo). Blank folios: fol. 049r (staves drawn; first system indented); fols 059v-060r, 097r-098r, 120v-121r (staves drawn for four-part piece; first line of each voice part indented); fol. 134r (no staves drawn)


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