P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta N 093

P-G N 093
N 093
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13th century
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The presence of many offertory verses in this fragment is a sign of antiquity. The offertory verses found on folio Av (g01088a, b and c) can be read also in E-SAu Ms 2637. The offertory verses found on folio B (g01120a and b) can be read also in P-G N 46 and E-SAu Ms 2637.

Despite the gaps, it can be ascertained that folio A contains some chants for Dom. p. Ascensionem, Vigilia Pentecostes and Dom. Pentecostes. Folio B starts with a lacuna, the chants following the lacuna (offertory g01120 and communion g01121) can be read in other Portuguese sources for Trinity Sunday. However, the liturgical occasion in fragment N 093 was left indeterminate as these chants are immediately followed by the rubric 'Dominica I post pentecostes' which makes it difficult to argue that they could be assigned to Trinity Sunday. An argument in support of the assignments of the chants on folio B to Trinity Sunday may be the fact that the manuscript P-BRs (Braga) Arquivo da Sé Ms. 034 has both the offertory g01120 (but without the offertory verses) and the communion g01121 for the feast 'De Trinitate' (p. 85). This feast is followed by Corporis Christi (p. 86) and then 'Dominica I post pentecostes' (p. 89).

Condition of document: 
Badly damaged. The fragment was used as book cover as it can be deduced from some later inscriptions on fol. Ar. Currently, only one side of folio B is available for inspection because the other side is pasted.
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