P-EVad (Évora) Arquivo Distrital Mús. Lit. Ms. nº11

P-Evad Mús. Lit. Ms. nº011
Document type: 
16th century
Type of notation: 
Four initial paper guard-leaves. On the first three leaves a modern hand added some chants on the rectos (the ink permeated and the notation is visible also on the verso). Then, two sheets of parchment were interpolated before the beginning of the Gradual. These two sheets have no original numbering and they are identified in PEM image gallery as "999m_initial guard-leaf 5" and "999n_initial guard-leaf 6". These two folios contain a Responsory for the Guardian Angel. The Gradual (fols. 1-67) starts with Asperges me (fol. 1r) and Vidi aquam (fol. 1v). Then a Kyriale (fols. 68-73) follows and finally, the Antiphoner (fols. 74-82). The latter contains some chants for Advent. The responsory Justus ut palma was written on the final guard-leaf by a modern hand ("999o_final guard-leaf 1r).
Arabic numbering in black ink placed at the upper right corner of the recto. The foliation has been trimmed away on some folios, see for example fols. 43, 46, 49, 53 etc. A six-folio quire -originally belonging to another manuscript- was added between fols. 73-74, in the Kyriale section. These 6 folios show traces of their original numbering, starting from 298 to 303, but they have been assigned in PEM a new numbering (from 073x298 to 073x303).
Page layout: 
6 staves per page.
Condition of document: 
The manuscript is in quite good condition. On some pages the ink is blurred (probably due to some liquid dropped on the manuscript), see for example fol. 10r. Some folios have wrinkles (e.g. fols. 18r, 26r and 39r). Traces of ink corrosion on some staves (e.g. fols. 3rd stave on fol. 18r; 4th stave on fol. 20r). The external right corner of fol. 21 has been repaired by stitching. A small sheet of paper (with music) has been interpolated by a modern hand between fols. 36 and 37. A shred of paper was pasted at the top of fol. 49v, part of the original stave and notation are rewritten over the addition; at the bottom of the same page the text underneath the last stave is faded. Two sheets (fols. 71x1 and 71x2) were interpolated between fols. 71-72. A quire (6 folios) was added between fols. 73-74.
Black cadel initials (e.g. fols. 5v, 6r etc.); red plain initials (e.g. fols. 59r, 68r etc.), blue plain initials (fols. 73x298r and 73x302v); parti-coloured flourish initials (fols. 77r, 78r, and 82r); one modern floriated initial (fol. 43v); one zoomorphic "G" (dragon, fol. 71x1v); and an "I" in a red square decorated with leaves (fol. 999m - initial guard leaf). Some initials were originally left unwritten, see for example fols. 37rv, 51v, 52r, 53v (big space left for a decorated "L"), et seq. A later hand added some initials in the space left empty and tried to replicate the style of the initials written by the original decorator, see for example fols 6v, 7r, 8r, 8v, 12v, 13r etc.

It is possible to identify several text scribes, see for example scribe A (see fol. 57r), scribe B (see fol. 59v), scribe C (fol. 64v), scribe D (fol. 64v), scribe E (fol. 75v).


Alegria, José Augusto, Biblioteca Pública de Évora – Catálogo dos Fundos Musicais, Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkien, 1977, pp.185-186.

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