P-VV (Vila Viçosa) Biblioteca do Palácio Real A.M. A-001

A.M. A-001

P-VV A.M. A-001

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2 Masses (1 incomplete)
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Stamped noteheads
‘JLCtos’ (verso of cover), possibly added in the 19th century
Condition of document

Fair-Good. The parchment surface is slightly cockled and stained, and the fore-edge bottom corners rather yellowed and worn-out due to use.

Page layout

Choirbook format, 532 × 325 mm


35 fols. Original fols 3 and 35 are missing (the latter replaced by a later copy on paper). Two foliations: the first only perceptible in some folios; the other, also quite faint, added by Manuel Joaquim (Joaquim, Vinte livros (1953), 85). Fol. 3 is missing in both sets of foliations. On PEM, the consecutive numeration of folios means that original fol. 4 is now fol. 3.


8 gatherings of 4 folios each. Gathering 1 lacks 1 fol. after fol. 2; gathering 8 lacks original folio after fol. 34, replaced by copy on paper.


Brown calf leather over boards. Blind-tooled decoration. Outer border and enclosed lozenge consisting of frameworks with phytomorphic motifs, which also connect the middle point of each side of the lozenge to the inner corners of the border frame, thus forming eight surrounding triangles. Small fleurons stamped on every inner corner of the lozenge and triangles. In the centre, there is also a floral stamp. Two old metal clasps composed of fittings and leather straps; only one still has its respective hook and is functional.

Notation similar to P-VV A-011, copied by António Gomes Piteira in 1738, which allows one to tentatively date this manuscript to the 1730s. Former shelfmark: MJ 7 (marked ‘Livro nº. 7’ on label inside front cover)
JOAQUIM, Manuel, Vinte livros de música polifónica do Paço Ducal de Vila Viçosa (Lisbon: Fundação da Casa de Bragança, 1953) [= Joaquim, Vinte livros, 1953], pp. 83-6 (Livro Nº 7) ALEGRIA, José Augusto, Biblioteca do Palácio Real de Vila Viçosa: Catálogo dos Fundos Musicales (Lisbon: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1973) [= Alegria, Catálogo, 1989], p. 11 (A. Livros de music religiosa manuscrita, no. 1) Museu-Biblioteca da Casa de Bragança, Vila Viçosa. Catálogo do Arquivo Musical (pdf), Secção A
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