P-VV (Vila Viçosa) Biblioteca do Palácio Real A.M. A-002

P-VV A.M. A-002
A.M. A-002
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Early 18th century
Type of notation: 
Benedicamus Domino (1), Hymns (6), Psalms (19) (=26)
120 fols.
60 gatherings of 2 folios each
Page layout: 
Choirbook format. 431 x 290 mm
Condition of document: 
Good. Paper shows some damp stains, also some wearing of the fore-edge bottom corners due to use. Fragile folios reinforced with glued-on paper strips, most of them on the bottom edge. The binding, though robust and in good condition, shows signs of some wear on its surface, with occasional incisions, scratches, damp stains and leather deterioration

‘S P’, 24x18 mm. Corner watermark composed of two ligated capital letters (“S” and “P”), recurring throughout the whole book. Probable Genoese origin, 18th-century (La Rue, 2001, 334). Watermark identical to the drawing in https://www.wasserzeichen-online.de/wzis/detailansicht.php?id=140440

Brown calf leather over boards. Blind-tooled concentric outer and inner frames, with phytomorphic motifs. Small fleurons on the outer corners of the central panel. Furnished with unadorned metallic cornerpieces and centrepiece. Vestiges of clasps and their fittings, now lost
Stencilled capitals in black

Index of contents in same hand, fols. 120r-102v


Copied by a single hand. No apparent match with any other hand of the Vila Viçosa polyphonic choirbooks. Handwriting points to the early 18th century, a dating hypothesis also corroborated by the paper’s watermark


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