P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar [...] collocari Pro Defunctis M V 01 007091d
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar Audivi vocem de caelo dicentem beati Pro Defunctis M W 007957
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar Exsultabunt domino ossa humiliata Pro Defunctis L A 1 002810
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar Exaudi domine orationem meam ad te Pro Defunctis L A 2 002767
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar Me suscepit dextera tua domine Pro Defunctis L A 3 003725
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar A porta inferi erue domine animas Pro Defunctis L A 4 001191.2
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar Omnis spiritus laudet dominum Pro Defunctis L A 5 004154
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar Requiem aeternam [dona eis domine] Et Pro Defunctis L W 008183
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Ar-Av Ego sum resurrectio et vita qui Pro Defunctis L A B 002601.1
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Av Fons ortorum redundans gratia mundum replens Praesentatio Mariae V A 01 201859
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Av Rore (caelestis gra)tiae in utero Praesentatio Mariae V A 02 204319
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Br [Eminenti caeli dulcedine stans in] templo Praesentatio Mariae V R 2.1 600777
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Br Magna semper exercens opera gratiora meretur Praesentatio Mariae M V 01 600777a
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Br (Alma virgo propositum numquam nubendi statuit Praesentatio Mariae M R 2.2 600079
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Bv Gratus virga Joseph (flos e)micat Praesentatio Mariae M V 01 600079a
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Bv Nuptam sic sic indicio floris et Praesentatio Mariae M R 2.3 601519
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07 Bv In parentum [manens hospitio invenitur a Praesentatio Mariae M V 01 601519a
P-Cua IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07
IV-3ª-Gav.44 nº07
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15th cent.
Type of notation: 
Non-central bifolium. On fol. Ar there are a few chants to be sung at Lauds during the liturgical feast 'Pro Defunctis'. On fol. Av a new feast is found ('Praesentatio Mariae') with some chants to be sung at Vespers. The following chants were originally written on a bifolio now lost. The chants now on fol. Brv in this fragment are also intended to be sung at 'Praesentatio Mariae', at Matins.
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Two columns.
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The fragment remained folded over long time, as such the external cover (Av-Br) has some dirtiness and spots which makes the reading difficult at some points. The fragment was heavily trimmed along the lower bottom without loss of contents.
Description of the notation: 

Red staff with four lines.

Indexing notes: 
The peculiar textual variant (CI 001191.2) of the Antiphon 'A porta inferi' on fol. Ar is also found in E-SAu Ms 2637 fol. 250r (and in any other source indexed in PEM or, more generally, in the Cantus Index network). See http://pemdatabase.eu/image/73060. The text variant (CI 002601.1) of the Antiphon 'Ego sum' is found only in two other sources: P-BRs (Braga) Arquivo da Sé Ms. 034, fol. 233 and I-Vlevi CF D 21 ('Cantorino processionale'). See http://cantusindex.org/id/002601.1. The standard incipit of the Responsory CI 601519 is 'Nuptam sic ex indicio sancti'. The same chant has a slightly different beginning on fol. Bv 'Nuptam sic sic indicio floris et sancti'.
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