P-EVp (Évora) Biblioteca Pública Pasta 3, doc. 002

P-EVp Pasta 3, doc. 002
Pasta 3, doc. 002
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15th century
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Psalms 128-130 and related antiphons plus the hymn 'Caeli deus sanctissime' (ff. 002a-b); Psalms 137-38 (incomplete) plus related antiphons (ff. 002c-d).
Complete agreement of contents with P-BR Ms. 032, ff. 112v ff. and 115r allows to direct this fragment lacking any legible rubric to the Vespers of feria quarta per annum (folio A) and Vespers of feria sexta post Epiphaniam (folio B).

Page layout: 
One column, variable lines of text and music depending on contents.
Condition of document: 
Poor. Ink generally faded, some holes, right side margin mutilated with about 50% loss of contents.
Psalm beginnings and the hymn on f. Av decorated in red and blue and flourished. Other musical items decorated with bigger initials with the same ink of the normal text.

Ar: "Livro terceiro / 1599 [...] / 1608 / 1608"
Av: Scribblings, including arithmetical operations and two names: "Ines Dias / [...] Gomes"
Br: N. F. (modern hand)
Bv: doc. 2 (modern hand)

Description of the notation: 

Late Aquitanian notation on red line. Lozenges used as parts of compound descending neumes, but apparently not to mark semitones.

A certain haphazardness in note spacing and heightening makes their deciphering often difficult, especially in regard to differentiae.

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