E-TUY (Tuy) Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tuy Fragmento 12

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Ar [Magnum hereditatis mysterium templum dei factus In tempore Nat. A ? 003677
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Ar Tecum principium* In tempore Nat. V2 A 1 005127
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Ar Mirabile mysterium declaratur hodie innovantur naturae In tempore Nat. V2 A M 003763
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Ar Stella ista sicut flamma coruscat et Vigilia Epiphaniae V A p 005022
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av In columbae specie* Vigilia Epiphaniae V R 006892
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Caeli aperti* Vigilia Epiphaniae V V 01 006892a
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Veni redemptor* (?) Vigilia Epiphaniae V H 008408a
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Reges Tharsis* Vigilia Epiphaniae V W 008180
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Magi videntes stellam dixerunt ad invicem Vigilia Epiphaniae V A M 003654
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Christus apparuit nobis venite adoremus Epiphania M I 001054
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Hostis Herodes* Epiphania M H 008248:08
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Afferte domino filii dei adorate dominum Epiphania M A 1.1 001303
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Av Fluminis impetus laetificat alleluia civitatem dei Epiphania M A 1.2 002886
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Br Psallite deo nostro psallite psallite regi Epiphania M A 1.3 004406
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Br Omnis terra adoret te deus* Epiphania M W 1. 008161
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Br Hodie in Jordane baptizato domino aperti Epiphania M R 1.1 006849
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Br Descendit spiritus sanctus corporali specie sicut Epiphania M V 01 006849b
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Bv In columbae specie spiritus sanctus visus Epiphania M R 1.2 006892
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Bv Caeli aperti sunt super eum et Epiphania M V 01 006892a
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Bv Magi veniunt ab oriente Jerusalem quaerentes Epiphania M R 1.3 007112
E-TUY Fragmento 012 Bv Cum natus esset Jesus in Bethleem Epiphania M V 01 007112c
E-TUY Fragmento 012
Fragmento 012
Source type: 
Document type: 
c. 1400
Type of notation: 
Type of script: 
Page layout: 
Each folio: c. 295 x c. 430
Condition of document: 
Bifolio. Mutilated on outer margins. Perfuration holes revealing previous binding purposes. Musical notation on folio Ar is hardly legible.
Filigree or slightly decorated capitals, on red and brown. Plain initials, on red. Two-line capital H, filigree decorated on red, brown and sepia.

On folio Ar, the inscriptions "Ac[...] 172[...]" and "Bayona" (this on green pencil) on the centre of the upper half. Baiona is a village in the Pontevedra province.


The Aquitanian notation is of an Iberian variety. The fragments ("Fragmentos") 1, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21 and 22, held in the Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Tui, belonged originally to one and the same Antiphoner. The "Fragmento 16" belonged originally to the same quaternion of this "Fragmento 12". They previously served as covers or binding material for a register book (see "Inscriptions and marks" above, where the inscriptions identify the book).

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