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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Cantus ID
P-VV A.M. A-004 000v-001r Adjuva nos Deus Mo João IV, King of Portugal
P-VV A.M. A-004 004v-006r Domine hysopo (Asperges me) * A Cardoso, Manuel
P-VV A.M. A-004 006v-015r Missa Dominicarum Adventus e Quadragesimae Dom. Quadragesimae MI Mi Cardoso, Manuel
P-VV A.M. A-004 015v-018r Missa ferialis Fer. 4 Quadragesimae MI Mi Romero, Mateo
P-VV A.M. A-004 019v-022r Missa ferialis Fer. 6 Quadragesimae MI Mi Anonymous
P-VV A.M. A-004 023v-025r Domine hysopo (Asperges me) Dom. in Palmis A Rebelo, João Lourenço
P-VV A.M. A-004 025v-027r Pueri hebraeorum vestimenta Dom. in Palmis A Victoria, Tomás Luis de
P-VV A.M. A-004 027v-034r Passio secundum Matthaeum Dom. in Palmis Pa Rebelo, João Lourenço
P-VV A.M. A-004 034v-037r Tristis est anima mea Dom. in Palmis MI Mo Lobo, Alonso
P-VV A.M. A-004 037v-038r Deo gratias (Benedicamus Domino) Dom. in Palmis MI BD Anonymous
P-VV A.M. A-004 038v-043r Passio secundum Marcum Fer. 3 Maj. Hebd. MI Pa Anonymous
P-VV A.M. A-004 043v-044v O Domine Jesu Christe * Fer. 3 Maj. Hebd. Mo Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
P-VV A.M. A-004 045r Passio secundum Lucam * Fer. 4 Maj. Hebd. Pa Herrera, Cristóbal
P-VV A.M. A-004 046r-047r Adoramus te Christe * Mo Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
P-VV A.M. A-004 047v-052r Panis angelicus Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. MI Mo Rebelo, João Lourenço
P-VV A.M. A-004 052v-053r Deo gratias (Benedicamus Domino) BD Anonymous
P-VV A.M. A-004 053v-059r Corporis mysterium (Pange lingua gloriosi) Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. H Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
P-VV A.M. A-004 059v-065r Passio secundum Joannem Fer. 6 in Parasceve Pa Anonymous
P-VV A.M. A-004 065v-067r Popule meus Fer. 6 in Parasceve Victoria, Tomás Luis de
P-VV A.M. A-004 067v-070r Fulget crucis (Vexilla Regis prodeunt) Fer. 6 in Parasceve H Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
P-VV A.M. A-004 070v-071r Cum descendentibus (Aestimatus sum) Fer. 6 in Parasceve M R Morata, Ginés de
P-VV A.M. A-004 071v-072r Signatum est monumentum (Sepulto Domino) Fer. 6 in Parasceve M R Morata, Ginés de
P-VV A.M. A-004 072v Dormiam et Requiescam (In pace in Sabbato Sancto W Anonymous
P-VV A.M. A-004 072v Locus ejus (In pace factus est) * Sabbato Sancto W Anonymous
P-VV A.M. A-004
A.M. A-004
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17th century
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Antiphons (2+1 incomplete), Benedicamus Domino (2), Hymns (2), Improperia (1), Masses (3), Motets (3+2 incomplete), Passions (2+2 incomplete), Responsories (2), Versicles (2 incomplete) (=24)

This volume is composed by two books of different origin, each with its own numbering. A third foliation, written in the 20th century by Manuel Joaquim (Joaquim, Vinte livros, 1953, 107), starts in the front endpaper and goes through both books. Original foliation: 78 fols. = 1 non-numbered folio (with music, added in the 19th century) + 1 non-numbered folio (index) + 19 numbered folios (book I) + 55 numbered folios (book II) + 1 back endpaper. Missing: book II, fols. 24-28 (not considered in Joaquim’s foliation). PEM follows Joaquim's modern foliation.
Original gathering structure of each book is obscured by their rebinding. Current structure is as follows: Book I: first gathering unclear; 8 gatherings of 2 folios each; last gathering of 3 folios. Book II: 3 gatherings of 6 folios; 1 gathering of 5 folios, 5 folios lacking after this; 1 gathering of 2 folios; 3 gatherings of 6 folios; last gatherings unclear.
Page layout: 
Choirbook format. 413 × 281 mm
Condition of document: 
Good. Paper shows some staining due to use, especially on the fore-edge and bottom margins. Most of the folios were patched and reinforced by paper strips glued on the more fragile spots. Two folios are severely mutilated, missing their fore-edge half, with consequent significant loss of content (fols. 4 and 45 of modern foliation). Binding in good condition, with slight wearing and staining.

• Lily inscribed in circle topped by crown, 85 × 40 mm (fols. 14, 25)
No matches found for this design.

On the later-added folios (endpapers, fol. 1, patching of fols. 45 and 74): watermark composed by a shield with a hunting trumpet, topped by a crowned with lilies and with ‘1808’ beneath, measuring 128 × 44 mm (early 19th century). The design is identical to the one found here: http://memoryofpaper.oeaw.ac.at/marcosmus/marcosmus.php?id=30

Plain parchment binding. Fabric ties still in use.
Cadel initials (in book II).

Title page (fol. 2 of the modern foliation): ‘Hoc libro continentur fere / omnia, quae cantantur / a D[omi]nica in palmis / usque ad sabbathum / sanctum’ and, in later hand, the first line of an unfinished index: ‘Missas das D[oming]as e sextas f[ei]ras da / Quaresma e Asperges a fl. 1’


This choirbook is made up of two books of different origin, each with independent foliation: book I (fols. 4-22 of the modern foliation) is comprised of music for Lent, mostly masses; book II (fols. 23-72), music for the Holy Week. Books copied by two separate hands in the 17th century. Book II’s hand is more conservative than Book I’s. A third, most likely contemporary hand added the two versicles on the last folio-verso of book II; musical annotation on same folio dates from the second half of the 18th century. Index on fol. 3, incomplete, written by an 18th-century hand. Pastedown and first folio added early 19th century (watermark with date ‘1808’).

Former shelfmark: MJ 10 (marked ‘Livro nº. 10’ on label inside front cover, fol. [0v])


JOAQUIM, Manuel, Vinte livros de música polifónica do Paço Ducal de Vila Viçosa (Lisbon: Fundação da Casa de Bragança, 1953) [= Joaquim, Vinte livros, 1953], pp. 107-116 (Livro n.º 10)

ALEGRIA, José Augusto, Biblioteca do Palácio Real de Vila Viçosa: Catálogo dos Fundos Musicais (Lisbon: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1973) [= Alegria, Catálogo, 1989], pp. 14-16 (A. Livros de música religiosa manuscrita, no. 4)

ALEGRIA, José Augusto, ed., Frei Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650), Livro de vários motetes, Portugaliae Musica, Série A, no 13 (Lisbon: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1968) [= PM 13]

NELSON, Bernadette, programme notes for Holy Week at the Chapel of the Dukes of Braganza, A Capella Portuguesa/Owen Rees, CD (Hyperion, CDA66867, 1996)

RYAN, Michael, "Music in the Chapel of the Dukes of Bragança, Vila Viçosa", PhD diss. (University of London, 2001)

Museu-Biblioteca da Casa de Bragança, Vila Viçosa, Catálogo do Arquivo Musical (pdf), Secção A

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