Reges Tharsis*

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002vReges Tharsis [et insulae]WEpiphaniarSEMM
A-Gu 29055rReges Tharsis et insulae munera VWEpiphania*ImageCD
A-Gu 29061vReges Tharsis et insulae munera*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
A-Gu 29063vReges Tharsis et insulae*LWEpiphania,8*ImageCD
A-Gu 29063vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania,8*ImageCD
A-Gu 29063vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*ImageCD
A-Gu 29064vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1010042vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
A-KN 1010045vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
A-KN 1010047vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1010047vReges Tharsis*MW1.Octava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1011078rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
A-KN 1011083vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
A-KN 1011086vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1011087rReges Tharsis*MW1.Octava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1013053vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
A-KN 1013057vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphaniarImageCD
A-KN 1013059rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1015068vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
A-KN 1015072rReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
A-KN 1015074vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1015074vReges Tharsis*MW1.Octava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-KN 1017059rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*CD
A-KN 1017063rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
A-KN 1017065rReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
A-KN 1017065vReges Tharsis*MW1.Octava Epiphaniae*CD
A-KR VI/258013rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.Dom. 1 p. EpiphaniamrCD
A-KR VI/258013vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWOctava EpiphaniaerCD
A-LIs 290144rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
A-LIs 290148vReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania,8*ImageCD
A-SF XI 480041vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphaniarCD
A-SF XI 480042rReges Tharsis et*MW1.EpiphaniarCD
A-SF XI 480047rReges Tharsis*VWOctava EpiphaniaerCD
A-VOR 287022vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-Wda C-11059vReges Tharsis et insulaeMW1.Epiphania*ImageCD
A-Wda C-11064rReges Tharsis*MW1.Die 3 p. Epiphaniam*ImageCD
A-Wda D-4027rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
A-Wda D-4028vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
A-Wda D-4030rReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*ImageCD
A-Wda D-4030rReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-Wda D-4030vReges*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
A-Wda D-4321vReges Tharsis*MW1.Epiphania*ImageCD
A-Wn 1799**025vReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW2.EpiphaniarImageCD
A-Wn 1799**027rReges Tharsis*SWEpiphaniarImageCD
A-Wn 1799**027vReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania,8rImageCD
A-Wn 1890051vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
AUS-Sfl Add. Ms. 413087rReges Tharsis R. Reges ArabumMW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
B-TO olv 63078vReges Tharsis et insulae munera VWEpiphania*CD
B-TO olv 63079rReges Tharsis*MW1.Epiphania*CD
B-TO olv 63083rReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*CD
B-TO olv 63084vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
B-TO olv 64062rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
B-TO olv 64062vReges Tharsis*MW1.Epiphania*CD
B-TO olv 64066vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*CD
B-TO olv 64068rReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
CDN-Hsmu M2149.L4048rReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
CDN-Hsmu M2149.L4051rReges Tharsis et insulae munera SWEpiphania*ImageCD
CDN-Hsmu M2149.L4052rReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania,8*ImageCD
CDN-Hsmu M2149.L4052rReges Tharsis*MW2.Dom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*ImageCD
CDN-Hsmu M2149.L4053rReges Tharsis*SWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0220 (fragment)001vReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW2.Epiphania*CD
CH-E 611035rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphaniarImageCD
CH-E 611038vReges Tharsis et insulae*XWEpiphania,8rImageCD
CH-Fco Ms. 2039vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
CH-Fco Ms. 2040vReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
CH-Fco Ms. 2043vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
CH-SGs 388084Reges Tharsis et insulae*MW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
CH-SGs 390079 Reges Tharsis et insulae*MW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
CZ-Pn (Praha) XII A 24041vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphaniaFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XII A 24042rReges Tharsis et insulae munera offerunt MW1.EpiphaniaFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XV A 10067vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphaniaFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XV A 10072rReges Tharsis*TWEpiphaniaFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XV A 10072vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniaFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XV A 10076vReges Tharsis*VWDom. p. EpiphaniamFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XV A 10078rReges Tharsis*V2WDom. p. EpiphaniamFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XV A 10078vReges Tharsis*VWOctava EpiphaniaeFCB
CZ-Pn (Praha) XV A 10080vReges Tharsis*V2WOctava EpiphaniaeFCB
CZ-Pst DE I 7049rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7049rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1Epiphania*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7054rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7054rReges Tharsis*MW1Fer. 2 p. Epiphaniam*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7055rReges Tharsis*V2WFer. 2 p. Epiphaniam*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7058rReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7060vReges Tharsis et insulae munera V2WDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7060vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
CZ-Pst DE I 7064vReges Tharsis*V2WOctava Epiphaniae*CD
CZ-Pu (Praha) VI G 11061rReges Tharsis et insulae munera offerunt VWEpiphaniaFCB
CZ-Pu VI.E.4c102rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphaniaCD
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19038vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphaniaFCB
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19040rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW2.EpiphaniaFCB
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19043rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniaFCB
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19043vReges Tharsis*MW1.Epiphania,8FCB
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19047rReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. EpiphaniamFCB
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19049rReges Tharsis*V2WDom. 1 p. EpiphaniamFCB
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19049vReges Tharsis*VWOctava EpiphaniaeFCB
Cz-Pu (Praha) XIV A 19052rReges Tharsis*V2WOctava EpiphaniaeFCB
D-AAm G 20044vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphaniarCD
D-B Mus. 40047027rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
D-B Theol. Lat. Qu. 149085rReges Tharsis*MW2. EpiphaniaCPL
D-B Theol. Lat. Qu. 149088rReges Tharsis*SWEpiphaniaCPL
D-B Theol. Lat. Qu. 149089rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2. Fer. 2 p. EpiphaniamCPL
D-B Theol. Lat. Qu. 149089rReges Tharsis*LWFer. 2 p. EpiphaniamCPL
D-B Theol. Lat. Qu. 149091rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2. Dom. 1 p. EpiphaniamCPL
D-B Theol. Lat. Qu. 149093rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2. Octava EpiphaniaeCPL
D-B Theol. Lat. Qu. 149094rReges Tharsis*LWOctava EpiphaniaeCPL
D-BAs Msc.Lit.25021vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
D-BAs Msc.Lit.25022rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.Epiphania*ImageCD
D-KA Aug. LX029vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
D-KA Aug. LX032rReges*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
D-KNd 1161026vReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW2.EpiphaniarImageCD
D-KNd 1161028vReges Tharsis*SWEpiphaniarImageCD
D-KNd 1161029rReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania,8rImageCD
D-KNd 1161030rReges Tharsis*LWOctava EpiphaniaerImageCD
D-KNd 215032rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW2.EpiphaniarImageCD
D-KNd 215033rReges Tharsis et insulae munera TWEpiphaniarImageCD
D-MZb A190vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
D-MZb A197rReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
D-MZb A197rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
D-Ma 12o Cmm 1044rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
D-Ma 12o Cmm 1045rReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania*CD
D-Ma 12o Cmm 1048rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
D-Mbs Clm 4303093vReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4303096vReges Tharsis et insulae*MW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4303103vReges Tharsis*TWEpiphania*ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4303103vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4306037rReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4306042rReges*TWEpiphania*ImageCD
D-Mbs Clm 4306042rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
D-Sl HB.I.55021rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphaniarCD
D-W 29 Helmst.050vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*CD
D-W 29 Helmst.052rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.Epiphania*CD
D-W 29 Helmst.055rReges*V2WEpiphania*CD
D-W 29 Helmst.057vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WOctava Epiphaniae*CD
D-W 29 Helmst.059rReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WOctava Epiphaniae*CD
E-BAR s.s.059vReges Tharsis et insulaeWEpiphaniarSEMM
E-BAR s.s.064rReges Tharsis et insulaeWDie 3 p. EpiphaniamrSEMM
E-Bbc E-Bbc, M 705017zvReges Tharsis*W2EpiphaniaSEMM
E-Bbc E-Bbc, Ms. 619016vReges TharsisW1EpiphaniarSEMM
E-Bbc E-Bbc, Ms. 619018vReges TharsisW2Octava EpiphaniaerSEMM
E-Gs ms. 45 (olim Sant Feliu, 20)125rReges TharsisW3Octava Epiphaniae*SEMM
E-H Ms. 7 (ant. 5)070rReges Tharsis etWEpiphaniarSEMM
E-H Ms. 7 (ant. 5)076rReges TharsisWEpiphaniarSEMM
E-H Ms. 7 (ant. 5)077rReges TharsisWFer. 3 p. EpiphaniamrSEMM
E-SA 6056rReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW2.Epiphania*CD
E-SI ms. 9167rReges Tharsis et insulae R.WVigilia EpiphaniaeSEMM
E-SI ms. 9170vReges Tharsis et insulae*WVigilia EpiphaniaeSEMM
E-SI ms. 9174rReges Tharsis et insulae*WOctava EpiphaniaeSEMM
E-Sco Libro 056005vReges Tharsis et insulae* R. Reges VWEpiphania*ImagePEM
E-Sco Libro 056022vReges Tharsis et insulae munera offerent MW2.Epiphania*ImagePEM
E-TUY Fragmento 012AvReges Tharsis*VWVigilia EpiphaniaerImagePEM
E-TZ Ms. 18010rReges Tharsis et [insulaeWEpiphaniarSEMM
E-TZ Ms. 18013rReges Tharsis [et insulaeWEpiphaniarSEMM
E-Tc 44.2029vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphaniarCD
E-Tc 44.2029vReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.EpiphaniarCD
E-ZAahp Perg. Mus. 200BrReges Tharsis et insulaeNWEpiphaniarImagePEM
E-ZAahp Perg. Mus. 200BvReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphaniaImagePEM
F-AI 44067xReges Tharsis et insulaeMW3.Epiphania*CD
F-AS 893067rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
F-AS 893071rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
F-AS 893073rReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
F-AS 893075rReges Tharsis*V2WOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
F-CA 38046rReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW1.EpiphaniarCD
F-CA 38049vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniarCD
F-CA 38050vReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
F-CA 38050vReges Tharsis*MW1.Dom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
F-CA 38050vReges Tharsis*V2WDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
F-CA 38051rReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
F-CA Impr. XVI C 4016vReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
F-CA Impr. XVI C 4017vReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.Epiphania*CD
F-CA Impr. XVI C 4021vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
F-CA Impr. XVI C 4022rReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
F-CA Impr. XVI C 4022rReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
F-Col_part : Mont-Renaud062vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphaniaImageMMMO
F-Col_part : Mont-Renaud063rReges Tharsis*MWEpiphaniaImageMMMO
F-Pn : Lat. 17296045rReges Tharsis et insulae munera*MWEpiphaniaImageMMMO
F-Pn : NAL 01235137vReges Tharsis et insulae munera offerunt VWEpiphaniaImageMMMO
F-Pn : NAL 01236059rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphaniaImageMMMO
F-Pn : NAL 01236060vReges Tharsis et insulae munera*MW2.EpiphaniaImageMMMO
F-Pn : NAL 01236065rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.1Epiphania,8ImageMMMO
F-Pn Lat. 1090022vReges Tharsis*MW1.EpiphaniarImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 1090026rReges Tharsis*MW1.Octava EpiphaniaerImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044024vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphaniarImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044027rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniarImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044028vReges Tharsis*V2WOctava EpiphaniaerImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 1240072vReges Tharsis*MWEpiphania*ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181162rReges Tharsis et insulae munera VWEpiphania*ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181163rReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW1.Epiphania*ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181170vReges Tharsis et insulae munera PWEpiphania*ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 15181171rReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*ImageCD
F-Pn NAL 1411036rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.EpiphaniarImageCD
F-Pn NAL 1411038vReges Tharsis et insulaeSWEpiphaniarImageCD
F-Pn NAL 1411039vReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania,8rImageCD
F-Pn NAL 1411040rReges Tharsis*MW2.Dom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*ImageCD
F-Pn NAL 1411041rReges Tharsis*SWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
F-TOm 149102rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
F-TOm 149112vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*CD
F-VAL 114026rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
F-VAL 114026rReges Tharsis*VWPEpiphania*CD
F-VAL 114028rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
GB-AB 20541 E033rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.Epiphania*CD
GB-AB 20541 E036vReges Tharsis*TWEpiphania*CD
GB-AB 20541 E037vReges Tharsis*TWEpiphania,8*CD
GB-Lbl Add MS 30847059vReges Tharsis et insulaeWEpiphaniaSEMM
GB-Lbl Add MS 30847065vReges TharsisWEpiphania*SEMM
GB-Lbl Add MS 30847067rReges TharsisWOctava Epiphaniae*SEMM
GB-Ob Can. Lit. 202028rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphaniarCD
GB-Ob Can. Lit. 202030vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284018rReges Tharsis*MW2.EpiphaniarImageCD
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284019rReges Tharsis et insulae*TWEpiphaniarImageCD
GOTTSCHALK033rReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphaniarCD
GOTTSCHALK034rReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania,8rCD
GOTTSCHALK034rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWDom. 1 p. EpiphaniamrCD
GOTTSCHALK034rReges Tharsis et insulae*VWOctava EpiphaniaerCD
H-Bu Fr. l. m. 236 1_versoReges TharsisWEpiphania, Feria 2 post EpiphaniamFRH
H-Bu lat. 118088vReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
H-Bu lat. 118091rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.Epiphania*CD
H-Bu lat. 118098vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
HR-Hf Cod. C267Reges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.Epiphania*CD
HR-Hf Cod. C289Reges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
HR-Hf Cod. C295Reges Tharsis et insulae*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
I-Ac 694046rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
I-Ac 694047rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.Epiphania*CD
I-Ac 694050vReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania*CD
I-Ad 5077Reges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphaniarCD
I-Ad 5079Reges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.EpiphaniarCD
I-Ad 5086Reges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniarCD
I-BV V 19162vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
I-BV V 19162vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
I-BV V 19167vReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania*CD
I-BV V 19169vReges Tharsis*V2WDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
I-CHV021rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
I-CHV021vReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.Epiphania*CD
I-Far038vReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania*CD
I-Fl Conv. sopp. 560037rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
I-Fl Conv. sopp. 560041rReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania*CD
I-Lc 601066Reges*VWEpiphania*CD
I-Lc 601075Reges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
I-MC 542035Reges Tharsis*MWEpiphania*CD
I-MZ 15/79032rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
I-MZ 15/79032vReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.Epiphania*CD
I-MZ 15/79036vReges Tharsis*NWEpiphania*CD
I-Nn vi.E.20042vReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
I-Nn vi.E.20043vReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.Epiphania*CD
I-Nn vi.E.20046vReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania*CD
I-PCsa 65290rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
I-PCsa 65292vReges*V2WEpiphania*CD
I-Rv C.5055vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
I-VCd CLXX027rReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WVigilia Epiphaniae*CD
I-VCd CLXX027vReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.Epiphania*CD
I-VCd CLXX029vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
I-VCd CLXX030vReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
I-VCd CLXX031vReges Tharsis*V2WDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
I-VCd CLXX032vReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WOctava Epiphaniae*CD
MA Impr. 1537055rReges Tharsis*V2WVigilia Epiphaniae*ImageCD
MA Impr. 1537055rReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW1.Epiphania*ImageCD
MA Impr. 1537059vReges Tharsis et insulae munera TWEpiphania*ImageCD
MA Impr. 1537377rReges Tharsis et insulae munera VWTransl. Trium Regum*ImageCD
MA Impr. 1537377vReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW1.Transl. Trium Regum*ImageCD
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)038vReges Tharsis et insulae munera VWEpiphania*ImageCD
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)042rReges Tharsis et insulae munera*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCD
P-AR Res. Ms. 021039rReges Tharsis et insulae munera offerent MW2.EpiphaniarImagePEM
P-AR Res. Ms. 021042rReges Tharsis et*SWEpiphaniarImagePEM
P-AR Res. Ms. 021043rReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania,8*ImagePEM
P-AR Res. Ms. 021044vReges Tharsis*SWOctava EpiphaniaerImagePEM
P-BRs Ms. 032077xReges Tharsis*V2WVigilia Epiphaniae*ImagePEM
P-BRs Ms. 034248Reges Tharsis et insulae munera offerunt VWVigilia Epiphaniae*ImagePEM
P-Ln RES. 253 P.236rReges Tharsis et insulae munera offeruntVWEpiphania*ImagePEM
P-Ln RES. 253 P.236vReges Tharsis et insulae munera offeruntMW1.Epiphania*ImagePEM
P-Ln RES. 253 P.238vReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*ImagePEM
P-Ln RES. 253 P.240vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImagePEM
PL-GD Mar. F 408042vReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphaniaImageCPL
PL-GD Mar. F 408043rReges Tharsis et insulae*MWEpiphaniaImageCPL
PL-GD Mar. F 408049rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniaImageCPL
PL-KIk 1025rReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WVigilia EpiphaniaerCPL
PL-KIk 1025vReges Tharsis et insulaeMW1.EpiphaniarCPL
PL-KIk 1028rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniarCPL
PL-KIk 1029vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CPL
PL-KIk 1025rReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WVigilia EpiphaniaerCD
PL-KIk 1025vReges Tharsis et insulaeMW1.EpiphaniarCD
PL-KIk 1028rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphaniarCD
PL-KIk 1029vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
PL-Kkar 2 (Rkp 14)070vReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
PL-Kkar 2 (Rkp 14)071rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW1.Epiphania*CD
PL-Kkar 2 (Rkp 14)077rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
PL-Kkar 2 (Rkp 14)081vReges Tharsis*V2WOctava Epiphaniae*CD
PL-Kkar 5 (Rkp 13)049rReges Tharsis et*V2WVigilia Epiphaniae*CD
PL-Kkar 5 (Rkp 13)050rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1.Epiphania*CD
PL-Kkar 5 (Rkp 13)054rReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
PL-Kkar 5 (Rkp 13)055vReges Tharsis et insulae*MWEpiphania,8*CD
PL-Kkar 5 (Rkp 13)056vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*CD
PL-Kkar 5 (Rkp 13)057vReges Tharsis*V2WOctava Epiphaniae*CD
PL-PŁsem MsEPl 12025vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*ImageCPL
PL-PŁsem MsEPl 12026vReges Tharsis*MW1.Epiphania*ImageCPL
PL-PŁsem MsEPl 12029rReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*ImageCPL
PL-PŁsem MsEPl 12031vReges Tharsis*VWOctava Epiphaniae*ImageCPL
PL-STAb ms. 1159rReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania-CPL
PL-WRu I F 401033rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW2.Epiphania*ImageCD
PL-WRu I F 401036rReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania,8*ImageCD
PL-WRu R 503030rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
PL-WRu R 503032vReges tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
PL-WRu R 503033rReges Tharsis*MW3.Epiphania,8*CD
PL-Wn rps 12720 V0095vReges Tharsis et insulaeVWVigilia EpiphaniaeCPL
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)048vReges Tharsis et insulae*VWEpiphania*CD
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)049rReges Tharsis et insulaeMW1.EpiphaniarCD
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)052rReges Tharsis et insulae*V2WEpiphania*CD
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)054rReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. Epiphaniam*CD
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)055vReges Tharsis*V2WOctava Epiphaniae*CD
SK-BRsa (Bratislava) Slovenský národný archív - Antiphonary of Bratislava IIb028rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphaniaImageCSK
SK-BRsa (Bratislava) Slovenský národný archív - Antiphonary of Bratislava IIb029rReges Tharsis et insulae munera*MW1EpiphaniaImageCSK
SK-BRsa (Bratislava) Slovenský národný archív - Antiphonary of Bratislava IIb036rReges Tharsis et*MWFer. 2 p. EpiphaniamImageCSK
SK-BRsa (Bratislava) Slovenský národný archív - Antiphonary of Bratislava IV053rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphaniaImageCSK
SK-BRsa (Bratislava) Slovenský národný archív - Antiphonary of Bratislava IV053vReges Tharsis et insulae*MW1EpiphaniaImageCSK
SK-BRsa (Bratislava) Slovenský národný archív - Antiphonary of Bratislava IV059vReges Tharsis*MWOctava EpiphaniaeImageCSK
SK-Bra (Bratislava) Antiphonary of Bratislava III EC Lad.6020rReges Tharsis et insulae munera offerunt*V2WEpiphaniaImageCSK
SK-Bra (Bratislava) Antiphonary of Bratislava III EC Lad.6020vReges Tharsis*MWFer. 2 p. EpiphaniamImageCSK
SK-Bra (Bratislava) Antiphonary of Bratislava III EC Lad.6021vReges Tharsis et insulae*LWFer. 2 p. EpiphaniamImageCSK
SK-Bra (Bratislava) Antiphonary of Bratislava III EC Lad.6021vReges Tharsis*V2WFer. 2 p. EpiphaniamImageCSK
SK-KO (Košice) Antiphonarium H III/2 mac 18001rReges Tharsis*VWDom. 1 p. EpiphaniamImageCSK
SK-KO (Košice) Antiphonarium H III/2 mac 18001rReges Tharsis*V2WDom. 1 p. EpiphaniamImageCSK
TR-Itks 42036rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*CD
TR-Itks 42036rReges Tharsis*MW1.Epiphania*CD
TR-Itks 42038vReges Tharsis*V2WEpiphania*CD
TR-Itks 42038vReges Tharsis*MWFer. 2 p. Epiphaniam*CD
TR-Itks 42039vReges Tharsis*MWFer. 3 p. Epiphaniam*CD
US-Cn 24062vReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*CD
US-Cn 24063rReges Tharsis et insulae*MW2.Epiphania*CD
US-Cn 24065rReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania*CD
V-CVbav B.79038rReges Tharsis*VWEpiphania*ImageCD
V-CVbav B.79038vReges Tharsis et insulae munera MW1.Epiphania*ImageCD
V-CVbav Capp.Sist. 27129rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphaniarCD
V-CVbav Capp.Sist. 27135vReges Tharsis et insulaeV2WEpiphania*CD
V-CVbav 8737017rReges Tharsis et insulaeVWEpiphania*ImageCD
V-CVbav 8737018rReges Tharsis*MW2.Epiphania*ImageCD