P-AR (Arouca) Museu Regional de Arte Sacra do Mosteiro de Arouca Res. Ms. 021

Res. Ms. 021

P-AR Res. Ms. 021

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c. 1200
Ff. 1r-182v: complete cicle of the Temporal, from the 1st Sunday of Advent to the 25th Sunday after Pentecost. Ff. 183r-192r: Invitatory tones. Ff. 192r-193v: Te Deum. Ff. 193v-211r: Hymnal. Ff. 211r-213r: Ad Cantica antiphons. Ff. 213r-213v: Ferial Office for Easter time.
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Initials in several colors, sometimes with simple decorations. Capitals, some of great dimensions, richly illuminated, mainly with phytomorphic motifs and rarely with zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and/or geometrical motifs. Different artists at work: some capitals were added at a second stage, with simpler design.

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Fl. 22r: 28<188>50 x 17<301>73
UR: 31


[1]+213+[2]. Two late arabic foliations: one from 1 up to 213, the other from 1 up to 214. Until folio 200, the latter is the correct one. From folio 201 up to the end, the correct one is the first.


Leather over boards

Paper sheet, with the notated antiphon Requiem aeternam, glued on the verse of the last folio. Serving as the two final flyleaves, there's a bifolio fragment of a book of Canonical Law (with occasional references to the Archbishop of Compostela), with marginal comments (glosae). Paper sheet, with several intonation formulas, glued on the inside of the back cover.

Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID Mode Diff
001r 1 Custodit dominus* Adventus, dom. 1 V A p 002085 4 *
001r 2 Missus est* Adventus, dom. 1 V R 007170 7?
001r 3 Rorate caeli desuper et nubes pluant Adventus, dom. 1 V W 008188 r
001r 4 Ecce nomen domini venit de longinquo Adventus, dom. 1 V A M 002527 1 G
001r 5 Ecce venit rex occurramus obviam salvatori Adventus, dom. 1 M I 001074 4 NE
001r 6 Domine in virtute tua laetabitur rex Adventus, dom. 1 M A 1. 002349 4 D
001r 7 Ex Sion species decoris ejus R Adventus, dom. 1 M W 1. 008060 r
001v 1 Aspiciens a longe ecce video dei Adventus, dom. 1 M R 1.1 006129 7
001v 2 Quique terrigenae et filii hominum simul Adventus, dom. 1 M V 01 006129a 7
002r 1 Qui regis Israel intende qui deducis Adventus, dom. 1 M V 02 006129b 7
002r 2 Excita domine potentiam tuam et veni Adventus, dom. 1 M V 03 006129d 7
002r 3 Aspiciebam in visu noctis et ecce Adventus, dom. 1 M R 1.2 006128 6
002r 4 Potestas ejus potestas aeterna quae non Adventus, dom. 1 M V 01 006128b 6
002r 5 Missus est Gabriel angelus ad Mariam Adventus, dom. 1 M R 1.3 007170 7
002v 1 Ave Maria gratia plena dominus tecum Adventus, dom. 1 M V 01 007170a 7
002v 2 Ave Maria gratia plena dominus tecum Adventus, dom. 1 M R 1.4 006157 7
002v 3 Quomodo fiet istud quoniam virum non Adventus, dom. 1 M V 01 006157a 7
002v 4 Dominus defensor* Adventus, dom. 1 M A 2. 002404 ? *
002v 5 Egredietur dominus de loco sancto suo Adventus, dom. 1 M W 2. 008043 r
003r 1 Salvatorem exspectamus dominum Jesum Christum qui Adventus, dom. 1 M R 2.1 007562 3