P-BRs (Braga) Arquivo da Sé Ms. 032

Ms. 032

P-BRs Ms. 032

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Main place of use
16th century (first quarter)
ff. 1r-51v In tempore Adventus, ff. 51v-90v In tempore Nativitatis, ff. 90v-135r In tempore Epiphaniae, ff. 135v-187r In tempore Quadragesimae, ff. 187r-204r In Triduum, ff. 204r-241r In tempore Paschae, ff. 241r-270v In tempore Pentecostes, ff. 270v-299v Dominicae proximae kalendis Augusti, Septembris, Octobris et Novembris, ff. 299v-306v Dominicae post Pentecostes, ff. 307r-314r Officium Angeli Custodiis, ff. 314r-315v Officia solitaria
Type of script
Type of notation

Plain/simply decorated initials on blue, purple, red and black; two-line capitals on red and/or blue, with decorations on both colours or on the alternate colours.

Condition of document

Very good; some humidity; few mutilated folios.

Page layout

c. 325 x c. 430 mm, one column c. 215 x c. 300 mm; 8 lines of text alternated with music from the beginning up to folio ciiij; from folio cv up to folio ccciij, 10 lines of text alternated with music; from folio 304 on, 9 to 11 lines of text alternated with music.


316 folios, mainly roman numeration; folio 8 has arabic numbering; numbering of folio lxxvij is repeated on next folio; folios 204-205, 289-296 and 304-315 are unnumbered; last folio was later numbered “ccciv” in pencil, although actually corresponding to folio 315 (if counting from the last numbered folio [ccciij]).


leather over boards

Folios 1, 204-205 and 289-296 are a replacement of the original ones; folios 304-315 seem to be partly a replacement, partly an addition.
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Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID Mode Diff
001r 1 Missus est* Adventus, dom. 1 V R 007170 *
001r 2 Dabit ei dominus* Adventus, dom. 1 V V 01 007170b *
001r 3 Conditor alme* Adventus, dom. 1 V H 008284 *
001r 4 Rorate caeli desuper et nubes pluant Adventus, dom. 1 V W 008188 *
001r 5 Ecce nomen domini venit de longinquo Adventus, dom. 1 V A M 002527 1 69b
001r 6 Miserere mihi domine et exaudi orationem Adventus, dom. 1 C A 203130 8 84a
001r 7 Salva nos domine vigilantes custodi nos Adventus, dom. 1 C A N 204361 8 325b
001v 1 Ecce venit rex occurramus obviam salvatori Adventus, dom. 1 M I 001074 4 NE
001v 2 Cantate domino canticum novum laus ejus Adventus, dom. 1 M A 1. 001763 7 142a
001v 3 Ex Sion species decoris ejus R Adventus, dom. 1 M W 1. 008060 *
001v 4 Aspiciens a longe ecce video dei Adventus, dom. 1 M R 1.1 006129 7
002r 1 Quique terrigenae et filii hominum simul Adventus, dom. 1 M V 01 006129a 7
002r 2 Qui regis israel intende qui deducis Adventus, dom. 1 M V 02 006129b 7
002r 3 Excita domine potentiam tuam et veni Adventus, dom. 1 M V 03 006129d 8
002v 1 Aspiciebam in visu noctis et ecce Adventus, dom. 1 M R 1.2 006128 6
002v 2 Potestas ejus potestas aeterna quae non Adventus, dom. 1 M V 01 006128b 6
003r 1 Missus est Gabriel angelus ad Mariam Adventus, dom. 1 M R 1.3 007170 7
003r 2 Dabit ei dominus deus sedem David Adventus, dom. 1 M V 01 007170b 7
003v 1 Ponent domino gloriam et laudem ejus Adventus, dom. 1 M A 2. 004305 5 129a
003v 2 Egredietur virga de radice Jesse R Adventus, dom. 1 M W 2. 008044 *