P-Va (Viseu) Arquivo Distrital capa do Livro 303/732 (olim 778)

capa do Livro 303/732 (olim 778)

P-Va capa do Livro 303/732

Source type
Document type
early 13th century
Type of script

Initials in green or blue with pen-flourishes in red, brown or red with pen-flourishes in blue.

Ar, right margin: Pam / 1567 (17th-century hand?) Below: library sticker "732" Br: modern number 778 added on top right in red pencil.
Condition of document

Fragment made up of two damaged folios. Folio A was trimmed and torn below and the recto is partially faded. Several water stains. Folio B was torn at the lower right side and its lower part was trimmed.

Page layout

Both folios presently measure c. 270 x 295 mm each, written in one column of c. 170 × 275 mm.


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