P-LA (Lamego) Arquivo da Sé Caixa 1, Fragmento 010

P-LA Caixa 1, Fragmento 010
Caixa 1, Fragmento 010
Source type: 
Document type: 
c. 1090 - c. 1140
Type of notation: 
Contents (feasts): 
Page layout: 
212 x 286 (max); maximum width of the columns is 90 mm; interlinear space is 8 mm.
Condition of document: 
The verso of the fragment is almost illegible.

The number "5" written by pen corresponds to the number found in the catalogue of the exhibition "Pergaminhos Que Foram Parte de Missais, Leccionários e Antifonários em uso na Diocese…". The exhibition was held in the Museu de Lamego, in 1976. The fragment has been identified for the first time as part of a Visigothic book by a monk of the abbey of San Girolamo in Rome in 1977.


The visigothic script shows some influence of the French "minuscula". The Occitanic notation is written on dry point line. Possibly, the music was added at a second stage.


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