P-LA (Lamego) Arquivo da Sé Caixa 1, Fragmento 010

Caixa 1, Fragmento 010

P-LA Caixa 1, Fragmento 010

Source type
Document type
c. 1090 - c. 1140
Type of notation
The number "5" written by pen corresponds to the number found in the catalogue of the exhibition "Pergaminhos Que Foram Parte de Missais, Leccionários e Antifonários em uso na Diocese…". The exhibition was held in the Museu de Lamego, in 1976. The fragment has been identified for the first time as part of a Visigothic book by a monk of the abbey of San Girolamo in Rome in 1977.
Condition of document

The verso of the fragment is almost illegible.

Page layout

212 x 286 (max); maximum width of the columns is 90 mm; interlinear space is 8 mm.

The visigothic script shows some influence of the French "minuscula". The Occitanic notation is written on dry point line. Possibly, the music was added at a second stage.

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