P-EVad (Évora) Arquivo Distrital AHMEVR 098



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13th century
Type of script

Blue initials with red filigree and others with red decorative designs; Red initials with blue decorative designs; Brown initials with red decorative line; rubrics in red

"despesas do pão 623" (f. Ar) "exurgeres"; Et judica [...] meã" "R/ Erã una ho" (f. Av)
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1 col. 8 text lines (Av)


"Bv-Ar" "Av-Br"; added arabic numbering (667 in folio Bv)

This Tenebrae office is incomplete with a bifolio missing between folios Av and Br, which would in all probability contain the final part of Matins and the beginning of Lauds
João Pedro d’ALVARENGA, "The Liturgical Use and Chant Tradition of Évora Cathedral from a Fragment of a Thirteenth-Century Antiphoner, Revista Portuguesa de Musicologia / Portuguese Journal of Musicology, new series, 5/2 (2018), pp. 299-314, available at http://rpm-ns.pt/index.php/rpm/article/view/350/613.

Musical Items

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Folio Seq Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID Mode
Ar 1 Unus ex discipulis meis tradet me Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M R 2.2 007809 ?
Ar 2 Qui intingit mecum manum in parapside Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M V 007809a 8
Ar 3 Eram quasi agnus innocens ductus sum Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M R 2.3 006660 8
Ar - Av 4 Omnes inimici mei adversum me cogitabant Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M V 006660a 7
Av 2 Dixi iniquis nolite loqui adversus deum Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M A 3.1 002265 7
Av 3 Terra tremuit et quievit dum resurgeret Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M A 3.2 005139 8
Av 4 In die tribulationis meae deum exquisivi Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M A 3.3 003223 7
Av 5 Terra tremuit et quievit R. Dum Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M W 008219 r
Av 6 Una hora* Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M R 3.1 007807 7
Br 1 Qui expassis in cruce manibus traxisti Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. L [M] 008444
Br 2 Qui prophetice prompsisti ero mors tua Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. L [M] 008447
Br 3 Vita in ligno moritur infernus ex Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. L [M] 008449
Br 4 Te qui vinciri voluisti nosque a Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. L [M] 008448
Br 5 Agno miti basia cui lupus dedit Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. L [M] 008442
Bv 1 Accepto pane Judas tradidit dominum sicut Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. P A 001219 ?
Bv 2 Si male locutus sum perhibe testimonium Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. T A 004900 1?
Bv 3 Ante diem festum paschae sciens Jesus Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. S A 001432 3
Bv 4 Replevit et inebriavit me amaritudine inimicus Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. N A 004615 ?
Bv 5 Calicem salutaris accipiam et nomen [domini Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. V2 A 001754 ?