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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Ar Hortatur haec ut pauperes pauperis matris Clarae M A 202260
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Ar A civibus obsidio removetur ob lacrimas Clarae M R 2.1 600005
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Ar Orationum proelio meretur gentes pessimas de Clarae M V 01 600005a
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Ar-Av Amica crucis plangere crucifixum novitias docet Clarae M R 2.2 600091
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Av Haec Christi sui munere morbos atque Clarae M V 01 600091a
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Av Vivens in mundo labili sponso conjuncta Clarae M R 2.3 602522
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Av Sic in rota versatili fulta virtute Clarae M V 01 602522a
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Av Gloria patri et filio et spiritui Clarae M V 02 909000
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Av Cor verbis sapientiae medullitus apponit [cum Clarae M A 3.1 200909
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Av-Br Trahit de testa nucleum de litera [ Clarae M A 3.2 204942
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Br Sicut sorore praevia Christi passi vestigia Clarae L A 204664
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Br Honorat Christi dextera per sanitatum munera Clarae L A 202253
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Br Laudans laudare studeat in laudem semper Clarae L A 202863
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Br Novum sidus emicuit candor lucis apparuit Clarae L A 203334
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Bv Gaudeat ecclesia quam indefunctorum sponsus ornat Antonii Patavini V A 1 201924
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Bv Sapiente filio pater gloriatur hoc et Antonii Patavini V A 2 204548
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Bv Qui dum sapientiam saeculi calcavit prudens Antonii Patavini V A 3 204115
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Bv Augustini primitus regulae subjectus sub Francisco Antonii Patavini V A 4 200438
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Bv Quorum vitam moribus hic profitebatur gloriosis Antonii Patavini V A 5 204220
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Cr Jam Christum chorus humili alacrius in Antonii Patavini M I 100156
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Cr Quasi secus alveum rivuli plantatus fructum Antonii Patavini M A 1.1 204079
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Cr O [proles] Hispaniae pavor infidelium nova Antonii Patavini V A M 203514
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Cv Monte Sion praedicat domino praece[ptum] Antonii Patavini M A 1.2 203161
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Cv Conterit miraculis peccatorum dentes sponsam Christi Antonii Patavini M A 1.3 200894
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Cv Funditur insontium sanguis a paganis fitque Antonii Patavini M R 1.1 600933
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Cv In minores gladium fratres dat in Antonii Patavini M V 01 600933a
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dr [Pauperum collegio pauper in principio spiritu Antonii Patavini M R 2.2 601766
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dr A quo fit haec datio fiunt Antonii Patavini M V 01 601766a
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dr I[n doctrinae poculis justus sua] Antonii Patavini M R 2.3 601127
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dr illeg. Antonii Patavini M V
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dr Gaude quondam saeculi [transiens viator] summi Antonii Patavini M A 3.1 201912
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dr - Dv [Nobis] fac propitium a quo recepisti Antonii Patavini M A 3.2 203265
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dv Duc in montem domini ora nos Antonii Patavini M A 3.3 201400
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dv Vitam probant vilitas simplex innocentia cura Antonii Patavini M R 3.1 602520
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dv Sed signorum claritas probat haec probantia Antonii Patavini M V 01 602520a
P-Cug MM 1063 (77) Dv Si quaeris miracula mors error calamitas Antonii Patavini M R 3.2 602201
P-Cug MM 1063 (77)
MM 1063 (77)
Source type: 
Document type: 
c. 1300?
Type of script: 
Contents (feasts): 
Later pagination with letters from "a" to "h" in pencil at the top of the pages.
Page layout: 
The folios measure approximately 327 X 235 mm after trimming. Text arranged in one column. Likely to have had ten staves per page but the top is missing.
Condition of document: 
Damaged. Mutilated with loss of content. With some stains and holes. The fragment was formerly used as a book cover and the external cover (Av-Dr) is now in poorer condition.
Plain red and blue initials. One red initial with blue swirling designs (fol. Ar), one red large capital with rich decorations in blue (fol. Cv).

Ar: top left corner, "26", "a/ ". Bottom margin, in pencil: "Antifonario franciscano / Oficio de Santa Clara / e de S. Antonio de Lisboa / sec. XIII (poster. à 1255)".
Av: "RODR / IGO:" added in ink near the top.
Br: top left corner, "c/".
Bv: "Do Pe. Giraldo" later written upside down with black ink.
Cr: top left corner, "3//" in ink, cancelled in pencil with number 1. Bottom margin: "Antifonário — Véspera de Sta. Clara / Oficio de Sto. Antonio — é franciscano / Segunda metade do séc. XIII. / Está escrito em versos rítmicos latinos / É a 2ª parte do Ofício de Sto. António" recently added and written in pencil.
Cv: top left corner, "f/".
Dr: Some late illegible scrawls.
Dv: top left corner, "h/".
Many library stamps.


This is a rare example of a manuscript with Franciscan content copied with Aquitanian neumes (of the Portuguese variety), a notational translation of the original; since the Office of St. Clare dates from the final years of the 13th century, it was probably made not long after as a supplement to a preexisting antiphoner. The fact that it does not use square notation on staff precludes its origin in a male Franciscan convent; it may have been written by a chaplain trained in a secular religious environment and attached to, or working for a female convent. The most likely candidate is the Convent of Saint Clare in Coimbra, founded in 1283 by Dona Mor Dias and re-founded in 1314 by the Queen consort Elizabeth.


CORBIN, Solange, Essai sur la musique réligieuse portugaise au Moyen Age (1100-1385) (Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 1952).

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