P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta C 0627

C 0627

P-G C 0627

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14th century
The fragment contains the chants for the Mass Proper of the third Sunday of Advent. On the recto side there are two chants that do not belong to today's standard Gregorian repertory: the Gradual "Tollite portas principes vestras et elevamini" and the Gradual Verse "Quis ascendet in montem Domini ". The Alleluia Rex noster, although ancient, is rare. On the verso side, the Communion is followed by the rubric "Feria IIII in Quatuor Tempora [Adventus]" whose chants were probably written on the next (lost) page.
Type of script

Blue initials with blue filigree designs, red initials with blue/sepia decorations, brown initial with red decoration.

A modern hand added the inscription "1578-1579 Livro da Fazenda" on the recto, left margin of the page. Another hand added an inscription on the verso (picture 2): it is in Portuguese and it could give further information about the provenance of the fragment. One more modern hand penned "A-3-1-50" on the verso side.
Condition of document

Damaged. The fragment is now used as book cover; a folder in the middle of the folio obstructs the reading of the contents. On the recto there are two library stickers, which identify the book that the fragment covers. The first sticker reads: "502 A-3-1-50", the second: "Fazenda N. 22".

Page layout

c. 280 x c. 440, one column c. 230 x c. 340, 16 lines alternating text and music.

This is possibly one of the few fragments in Guimarães mentioned by Solange Corbin (see below) although she describes the contents as excerpts from a Marian Mass in Advent.

Inventário dos códices iluminados até 1500, Lisboa, Biblioteca Nacional, 2001, Vol. 2, p. 58. CORBIN, Solange, Essai sur la musique religieuse portugaise au Moyen Age (1100-1385), Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 1952, p. 182 & Table "Classement des Manuscrits". Harmonies of Heaven and Earth: The music in the manuscripts of Guimarães (12th – 17th centuries), Guimarães, Museu de Alberto Sampaio, 2012. ISBN 978-989-97732-1-9

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