P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta P 441

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Cantus ID
P-G P 441 r [Venientes autem ve](nie)nt in Agathae TcV g01314b
P-G P 441 r Offerentur* Agathae Of g00083
P-G P 441 r Qui me dig(natu)s est Agathae MI Cm g00084
P-G P 441 r In virtute tua* Valentini In g01290
P-G P 441 r Beatus vir qui ti* Valentini Gr g01291
P-G P 441 r (Desi)derium anime ejus tribuisti ei Valentini Tc g01275
P-G P 441 r Quoniam (praevenisti e)um in benedictione Valentini TcV g01275a
P-G P 441 r (Posuisti) super caput ejus coronam de Valentini TcV g01275b
P-G P 441 r In virtute tua* Valentini Of g01357
P-G P 441 r Magna est gloria* Valentini Cm g01261
P-G P 441 r Vultum tuum* Scholasticae In g01390
P-G P 441 r Dilexisti iusticiam* Scholasticae Gr g01366
P-G P 441 r Alleluia Diffusa est* Scholasticae Al g00023
P-G P 441 r Qui seminant* Scholasticae Tc g01314
P-G P 441 r Filiae regum* Scholasticae Of g01388
P-G P 441 r Diffusa est* Scholasticae Cm g00302
P-G P 441 r Statuit ei Dominus* Cathedra Petri In g01271
P-G P 441 r Exaltent eum in ecclesia (plebi)s Cathedra Petri Gr g00027
P-G P 441 v Confiteantur domino misericordiae eius et mi( Cathedra Petri GrV g00027a
P-G P 441 v Tu e(s Petrus) et super Cathedra Petri Tc g00030
P-G P 441 v Et porte inferi non prevalebunt adversus Cathedra Petri TcV g00030a
P-G P 441 v Quodcum(que ligaveris super terram erit Cathedra Petri TcV g00030b
P-G P 441 v (Et quodcumque solveris super terram erit Cathedra Petri TcV g00030c
P-G P 441 v Beatus es Simon Petre quia caro Cathedra Petri Tc g02864
P-G P 441 v ill. Cathedra Petri TcV
P-G P 441
P 441
Source type: 
Document type: 
12th - 13th cent.
Type of notation: 

Some chants (included tracts and their verses) for Agathae, Valentini, Scholastica, and Cathedra Petri.

Condition of document: 
This single-leaf fragment was used as book cover. The verso was the external cover of the book and, for this reason, it is now in poorer condition (many chants are almost unreadable). There is a long horizontal fold that divides the fragment in two halves. A small shred of parchment is pasted on the recto (see image 'recto detail 3' in the image gallery). The shred contains some Latin text, possibly a bull relating to the institution of a feast of the Virgin.

The two library stickers on the verso provide information on the contents of the book the fragment covered 'São Sebastião - Guimarães, Nascimentos 15-9-1580 a 22-11-1612 N. 1'.

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