P-G (Guimarães) Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta C 0809

C 0809

P-G C 0809

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13th - 14th cent.
Some liturgical texts for the following feasts (mainly celebrated in January): Anastasia, Felix, Iulianus, Paulus er., Hilarius ep., Maurus ab., Septem Fratrum (fol. C, July 10). The musical contents are limited to two 'Gloria in excelsis Deo' invocations, respectively on fol. Ar and v. The invocation on fol. Ar was probably added by a later hand while the invocation on fol. Av seems to be original. In both invocations the lozenge seems to have been used purposefully to mark the lower semitone.
Description of the notation

There is very little notation on this fragment. One can barely read the incipit 'Gloria in excelsis Deo' on fol. Av (neumes around a dry point line used for ruling) and another musical incipit with the same text whose music is almost unreadable because the parchment is folded. On fol. Av there are two lozanges placed at the same height.  On fol. Bv there is one lozange. 

Old inscription at the bottom of fol. Ar (brown/yellowish ink, almost unreadable). At the top of fol. Ar a modern hand wrote in black ink with a ballpoint pen 'A-2-2-64'. A more recent hand stroke-through the inscription in black ink and added another one in blue ink 'C-809'. On the right hand-side of fol. Br there is a later hand inscription in Portuguese, almost unreadable.
Condition of document

Damaged. The fragment was used as book cover and it is made up of three folios (A, B, and C). 'C' is reduced to ca 1/3 of its original size. Fols. Ar and Bv (external cover) show traces of humidity and dirtiness. Av and Br (internal cover) are in much better condition and their contents is clearly readable. Tears and holes on each folio, in particular along the internal edge of fol. B which is badly ripped and lacerated. Two library stickers on fol. Ar, respectively '352' and 'N. 4 Minutas de 6-3-1581 ate 9-6-1606'.

Fragments P-G C 809 and P-G C 1245 (available at http://pemdatabase.eu/source/2039) originally came from the same Sacramentary.
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