P-BRam (Braga) Arquivo Municipal Nº 003 Códices

Nº 003 Códices

P-BRam Nº 003 Códices

Source type
Subcategory of source
Document type
13th cent.
Description of the notation

Medium size neumes. The axis of the notation is vertical. Custodes absent. The difference between a lozenge and a more or less square punctum is clearly defined. The lozenge is used consistently. It was used in isolation and also as part of a descending/ascending pattern of two or more notes on one syllable.

Condition of document

Non-central bifolium formerly used as book cover and now in poor condition. Horizontal folds along the top and bottom edges. The external top and bottom corner of fol. B were trimmed off. Fols. Av-Br were the external book cover. Dirtiness, stains and wrinkles all over the fragment, especially on the external cover. Many sections are currently unreadable.

Page layout

Two columns per page.


The original foliation 'CLXXVI' can be read at the top of fol. Ar , on fol. B only 'CLXXX(...)' is still visible.

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