P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade IV-3ª Gav. 44 (05) + IV-3ª Gav. 44 (06)

IV-3ª Gav. 44 (05) + IV-3ª Gav. 44 (06)

P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (05) + IV-3ª Gav. 44 (06)

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Document type
early 15th century?
Type of script
Type of notation
Description of the notation
Single red line. Late variety of Aquitanian neumes, with large square and lozenge-shaped notes, the latter used freely. Presence of letter-clefs f, b, d or g on the left.

Red initials and blue initials with red decoration and red initial with black decoration.

P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (05), on the recto, bottom margin, «Cota: IV - 3ªS-Gv. 44 (5) / INV. BOL. / 95 (5)» written in pencil; and in black ink, upside down, «Aomuito». On the verso, left margin, the stamp of the archive, and «III-D- 1ª-1-4-102» written in pencil; in black ink «OBRA. Anno. / 1580.». At the bottom «III-D- 1ª-1-4-102 / Livro da obra da Sé de Cª / INV. BOL. / 95 (5)» written in pencil and in black ink «1580 + / 1582». In the middle, above the 5th music line someone added the number «1580».
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (06), recto, «06va» written in black ink on the left margin; some more text near the red initial, but too faded to be readable. On the bottom margin «III-D-1ª-1-4-103 / Livro da Obra da sé de Cª. / INV. BOL. / 95 (6)» in pencil and in black ink, «12V24», «1582 + / 1583». Above the 5th text line someone wrote «1582» above et a, «15? / 1583» above mei  and «obra» above the last syllable. On the verso, at the bottom, the archive stamp and «INV. BOL. / 95 (6)» written in pencil.
Condition of document

Damaged. The margins were folded, there are some tears in the folded areas and some cutouts also in the margins.

Page layout

P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (05) c. 425 x c. 345 mm, one column c. 320 x c. 234 mm, with eight lines with music and text.
P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (06) c. 440 x c. 275 mm. One column, c. 315 x c. 240 mm. Eight lines with music and text.


Presence of letters "A" and "B" in both fragments written in pencil. In P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (05), the letter "A" is written on the right upper corner, and corresponds to the recto (r); on the other side, at the left upper corner, the letter "B" corresponds to the verso (v). In P-Cua IV-3ª Gav. 44 (06) the letter "A" is on the left upper corner, corresponding to recto and letter "B" is on the right upper corner and corresponds to the verso of the folio.

The fragments A and B, held under different shelfmarks, belonged originally to the same antiphoner and were later used as covers or binding material for different books.
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