P-EVp (Évora) Biblioteca Pública Pasta 3, doc. 001

P-EVp Pasta 3, doc. 001
Pasta 3, doc. 001
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c. 1300
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Two night responsories for the Holy Week followed by Passion Sunday Lauds antiphons.

Page layout: 
Eight lines of text and music.
Condition of document: 
Fair. Exposed side (recto): ink slightly faded but generally readable, except for the centre of the page which served as the most exposed outer spine cover region. Non-exposed side (verso): overall good condition and easily readable.
Taller initials in red and blue, with flourishes, and in sepia ink with filigree.

In pencil by a 20th c. (?) librarian, on recto top-right corner (probably the identity of the book from whose binding this fragment was detached):
Orthodoxarum explicationum /Libri decem ... / por Diogo Paiva de Andrade - Venezia, 1564


The responsory verse Retribuentes mihi is of some interest for its rarity, as it is only found elsewhere in Toledo 44.1 and P-BR Ms 032 (NB: the 3rd mode attributed in Cantus Database to Toledo 44.1 is wrong, the melody being the same as in this fragment and in the Braga manuscript). 

Description of the notation: 

Aquitanian notation of the Portuguese variety. Clearly recognizable lozenges consistently indicate the position of the semitones.
A later hand wrote letter-clefs on staves at the beginning of each chant, as well as vertical lines across portions of the music (the latter barely visible on the recto side of the folio).

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