P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade IV-1ªE-15-4-044 + P-Cua IV-1ªE-15-4-045

IV-1ªE-15-4-044 + P-Cua IV-1ªE-15-4-045

P-Cua IV-1ªE-15-4-044 + P-Cua IV-1ªE-15-4-045

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c. 1450-1500
Contents (feasts)
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One blue initial (folio Av); blue initial with red filigree decoration in red (Br); Anthropomorphic black initial with notes in green (Cr); Red initial with blue flourish decoration (Cv).


There is some text on the bottom margin of folio Ar and on the top margin of folio Br.
The library stamp in both fragments was cut from the pictures; it is possible to see only a part of it.

Condition of document

Fair. Folios are now used as book covers. They have been trimmed with loss of content and/or are folded not allowing full reading. Each fragment is composed by a bifolio and a glued folio. The folio that corresponds to the book's paste down (cover and back cover) has a sheet (or set of sheets) glued on it that does not allow the photograph to be taken.

Page layout


f. Bv: c. 385 x c. 370 mm, one column c. 275 x c. 250 mm. 

f. Cr: c. 365 x c. 345 mm, one column c. 280 x c. 245 mm. 

f. Er (pasted fragment) c. 400 x c. 280 mm, one column c. 270 x c. 200 mm. 


f. Av: c. 385 x c. 360 mm, one column c. 330 x c. 250 mm. 

f. Dr (with foliation): c. 365 x c. 365 mm, one column c. 320 x c. 250 mm. 

f. Fr (pasted fragment): c. 250 x c. 400 mm, one column c. 240 x c. 265 mm.


Fragment f. Dr (IV-1ªE-15-4-45) with foliation in Roman numbering (XXX) on top margin in red ink.


<[...]dos dos de com[...]nos > in black ink (top margin f. Av).

< Gaveta Nº 15 > in black ink (inner margins bifolio Av-Dr, not visible in the images)

<A[...]de [...]  Mos[...]> in black ink (bottom margin f. Bv)

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Reading the fragment in person allowed us to identify the following:

f. Ar [...]minus ver[...]um et sa[...] g00620

f. Cv [...] huc hoc signum [...]ram discipulis suis g00624; f. Cv Ado[...] angeli [...] g00625

f. Dv [...]in majes[...] g00626b

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