P-Cug (Coimbra) Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM 1063 (65)

MM 1063 (65)

P-Cug MM 1063 (65)

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Document type
15th cent.
Recto of right-side fragment: One notated hymn in mensural notation. Verso of same fragment: texts of 2 hymns.
Type of script
Type of notation
Description of the notation
Mensural, with minims, in duple meter (cut C).

Recto of notated fragment: on top left, "38" in pencil; three stickers, the first mutilated carrying an illegible text; the others, "1866"; "manuscripto". Late ink addition, partly illegible, ending "ADD frcº Soario". There is further reference, according to notes taken in 1992 by Manuel Pedro Ferreira, to the "Tractatus de virtute fideii D.D. Fr[ancis]ci Soarii è Societate Iesu 1609", first volume of the Opus de virtute et statu religionis by Francisco Suárez, S.J. (1548-1617), the book in which this fragment was used as a cover or binding material.

Condition of document

Poor overall. The document actually consists of two fragments of different manuscripts (a hymnal and a breviary) glued together. The fragment with musical notation is in worse condition than the one without it, with ink badly faded and a major tear on one side.

Page layout

Dimensions of the document as it stands: 215 x 380 mm.
In relation to the musical fragment: one column, four lines of text and music with faded red (?) ink, c-clef and mensuration sign.

The fact that this book-cover was made out of two unrelated manuscript fragments both carrying Marian hymns may or not be a coincidence.
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