P-Cua (Coimbra) Arquivo Distrital e da Universidade III-1ªD-3-1-058 + III-1ªD-3-5-069 A

III-1ªD-3-1-058 + III-1ªD-3-5-069 A

P-Cua III-1ªD-3-1-058 + III-1ªD-3-5-069 A

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c. 1600
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Description of the notation
Red pentagram.

Red plain initials.


The folio 80 (verso) has two library stickers, one identifying the book «III D / 1ª / 3 / 1 / 58» and the second with the number «7993». In the middle of the folio (book spine) someone wrote «|| Mezados || 1625 ||» in black ink. Some further inscriptions on the bottom half (right side).

The folio 81 (recto) has one library sticker identifying the book «III / 1ª / 3 / 5 / 69 A». At the left and right margins someone penciled «INV. BOL. / 95 (7)», and on the right margin, written in black ink, «1625» and the identification of the book ownership. In the middle of the folio (book spine) it can be seen «Mezados || 1625 ||» in black ink. On the verso, left margin, it is written in pencil «INV. BOL. / 95 (7)».

Condition of document

Both fragments are now used as book covers. Fragment f. 80: the inner side is in good condition; the external cover is in poorer condition, with the ink vanished. Fragment f. 81: in reasonable condition.

Page layout

Fol. 80: c. 480 x c. 305, one column c. 360 x c. 220. Fol. 81: c. 480 x c. 310, one column c. 365 x c. 220.


Two folios identified as 80 and 81. The fragment III-1ªD-3-1-58 corresponds to folio 80 and fragment III-1ªD-3-5-69 A corresponds to folio 81. The foliation in Roman numerals is written in red ink on the top right corner.

The hymn melody is entered in semi-mensural notation.
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