P-Cm (Coimbra) Biblioteca Municipal B60-038 + B60-039

P-Cm B60-038 + B60-039
B60-038 + B60-039
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Document type: 
c. 1500
Type of notation: 
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Contents (feasts): 
Page layout: 
Ar (B60/38) c. 420 x c. 275 mm; one column c. 385 x c. 200 mm; Br (B60/39) c. 280 x c. 495 mm; one column c. 280 x c. 390 mm.
Condition of document: 
Damaged. Both fragments were used as book covers and are half-trimmed.
In the first fragment there are two half-trimmed black capitals with cadel decoration. In the verso of the second fragment, the left margin has a floral decoration in blue.
The first fragment (B60-38 recto) has three library stickers with book identification. The first, which is the bigger one, reads «ARQUIVO MUNICIPAL / DE COIMBRA / N.º 1091 / Receita e despeza / 1627 / B60/38 B 22»; the second sticker, the smaller one, «B60/38» and the third «Re[ceita] e / despeza / 1627». There are numbers next to the first sticker and the title of the book is written on the margin, both in black ink.
The second fragment (B60-39, verso) has two library stickers with book identification. The first, «ARQUIVO MUNICIPAL / DE COIMBRA / N.º 1092 / Receita e despeza / 1628 / B60/39 B 22» and the second, «B60/39». On the left side of the verso, the year «1628» and some text is written in black ink; the right margin shows the book title «Receitas e despezas 1628» in faded black ink.

The two folios were not consecutive. The contents correspond to the Hieronymite Breviary of 1499 for feasts commemorated on September 30 and November 22; the missing text in the indexed chants was provided on its basis.

Description of the notation: 

Black square notation on red five-line stave, custodes.

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