P-VIsc (Vimieiro) Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Arquivo SCMVI 0248

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Source Folio Incipit Feast Occasion Genre Position Cantus ID
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Ar [Tamquam] nugaces aestimati sumus [ab] illo Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. M V 006464b
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Ar Faciem meam non averti ab increpantibus Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. L A 1 002833
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Ar Framea suscitare adversus eos qui dispergunt Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. L A 2 002893
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Ar Apprehenderunt mercedem meam triginta argenteis quos [ Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. L A 3
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Av Inundaverunt [aquae super] caput meum dixi Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. L A 4 003394
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Av Labia [insurgentium et cogitationes] eorum vide Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. L A 5 003556
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Av Non haberes in me potestatem [nisi Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. L A B 003916
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Av Recordare mei domine et tuere me Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. P A 004577
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Av Tibi revelavi [causam meam domine defensor Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd. T A 005149
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Br [Zelus domus tuae comedit me et Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M A 005516
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Br Avertantur retrorsum et erubescant qui cogitant Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M A 001547
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Br Deus meus eripe [me de] manu Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M A 002174
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Br Zelus domus tuae comedit me R Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M W 008247
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Br ill. Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Bv Aleph [Quomodo sedet sola civitas] plena Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M La Lamen1:01
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Bv Teth Plorans ploravit in nocte [et Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M La Lamen1:02
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248 Bv Gimel [Migravit] Juda propter afflictionem et [ Fer. 5 in Cena Dom. M La Lamen1:03
P-VIsc SCMVI 0248
SCMVI 0248
Source type: 
Document type: 
14th century
Type of script: 

Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd.
Fer. 5 in Cena Dom.

Ar, Av, Br, Bv
Page layout: 
Bifolium; 1 column and 8 lines of text per folio. Fragment A: 250 x 385; writing area: 185 x 275. Fragment B: 305 x 385; writing area: 190 x 275
Condition of document: 
Two mutilated fragments are the two parts of one bifolium. The bifolium has been cut through the writing space of folio B. These fragments show wear and damage typical of that resulting from use for the binding of a book of documents. The chant content on the outer sides is faded and added annotations evidently relate to the bound materials. The chant content of the inner sides is well preserved.
Some red and blue flourished initials. Other initials outlined with red ink.

Some annotations and alterations have been added between lines most probably by a user of the antiphoner from which the bifolium was taken: the verse Zelus was replaced by "avertantur retrorsum et eru[bescant] qui cogitant mihi mala". These annotations suggest correction and re-ordering of the chants. Also some alteration to the notation (antiphon Deus).


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