P-POad (Portalegre) Arquivo Distrital CNELV04/001/0139


P-POad CNELV04/001/0139

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Document type
14th century
Type of script
Type of notation
Description of the notation
Red five-line staves; directs used; many puncta have stems; vertical form of pes.
Condition of document

Shows damage characteristic of fragments used in binding, including added writing and fading. Notation is very faded in places and there appears to have been water damage. Trimming has removed the top staves.

Page layout

1 col.
Folio A: 260 x 305; writing area 200 x 280 mm. Folio B: 285 x 300; writing area 200 x 275 mm.


Ar, Av, Br, Bv

Between A and B there were other folios, now lost. The two surviving folios correspond to the liturgical items prescribed by the Ordinary of the Dominican Order, approved in 1256. Some of the chants (or its verses) are seldom found outside the Order. Among the sources indexed in the Cantus manuscript database, as of November 2022, only one codex of Italian origin now at Chicago (US-Cai 1911.142b) and an antiphoner from Dubrovnik (HR-Dsmbb XI) fully coincide in contents with this fragment; both, unsurprisingly, are Dominican. Possible provenance: Elvas (district of Portalegre), where the preachers were established since 1267.

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