P-LA (Lamego) Arquivo da Sé Caixa 1, Fragmento 004

P-LA Caixa 1, Fragmento 004
Caixa 1, Fragmento 004
Source type: 
Document type: 
late 12th century - early 13th century
Type of script: 
Contents (feasts): 
Page layout: 
240 x 305 mm (max.), columns are 100 mm wide, interlinear space is 14 mm.
Condition of document: 
Badly damaged: the fragment consists of only one sheet, mutilated in the lower edge. The recto side is almost illegible.

The number "6" written by pen on the recto side corresponds to the number of the catalog of the exhibition "Pergaminhos Que Foram Parte de Missais, Leccionários e Antifonários em uso na Diocese…" that took place at the Museu de Lamego in 1976.


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